West Virginia Waterfall Trail

On the first ever statewide waterfall trail, visit stunning cascades and earn prizes as you check-in with your very own digital passport. This growing list of waterfalls features 43 must-visit spots across West Virginia. Select “Get Your Pass!” below to get started.

Chasing waterfalls takes on a whole new meaning in West Virginia with the nation’s first-ever statewide Waterfall Trail. Waterfall wondering is the perfect all-year outdoor activity for solo explorers and the whole family alike. Download the West Virginia Waterfall Trail passport, check into waterfalls and earn waterfall-themed prizes as you explore!

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Check in at 3 locations:

Receive an official Waterfall Trail sticker

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Receive a limited edition letterpress print

Waterfall wanderers should redeem the first three prizes directly in the passport. Those committed passport-holders who check in at all the waterfalls on our list, will receive an email from the West Virginia Department of Tourism team coordinating the shipment of the grand prize — a custom waterfall-inspired letterpress print from Base Camp Printing.

Spotty service while chasing waterfalls? No problem! Check in when you’re able to reconnect! All check ins can be done within a 5-mile radius of each location.

For any questions regarding the check ins, and to submit photos of sites where you were unable to check in, please contact Bandwango by email (support@bandwango.com) or phone (888-921-5333). For other questions, please call the West Virginia Department of Tourism at (304) 558-2200.

*Limit one sticker, water bottle and t-shirt per completed passport. Passports are valid through December 31st, 2024. No purchase necessary to participate.

Discover Featured Falls

Sandstone Falls

Found within the nation’s 63rd national park, Sandstone Falls is the largest waterfall in the New River Gorge National Park & Preserve. Span… View More

Glade Creek Grist Mill Falls

Beneath the historic grist mill at Babcock State Park, water rushes to form the Glade Creek Grist Mill Falls. With a short stone pathway lea… View More

Big Branch Falls

Big Branch Falls call the New River Gorge National Park & Preserve home, flowing through a dense canopy of green and blanketed wildflower fo… View More

Turkey Creek Falls

Cascades descend through the cliffs and boulders of the New River Gorge National Park & Preserve to form Turkey Creek Falls. With an 8-foot … View More

Drawdy Falls

Keep your eyes peeled to be sure you catch a glimpse of the stunning Drawdy Falls in Boone County. Sitting just off Route 3, these falls are… View More

Coonskin Grotto

Tucked away in Coonskin Park just outside the capital city is a hidden waterfall known as The Grotto. These short cascades – spilling into… View More

Dunloup Falls

Found near the abandoned mining town of Thurmond is a hidden waterfall – Dunloup Falls. These flowing cascades stumble 20 feet across a sa… View More

Seneca Creek Falls

Located in the Monongahela National Forest, Seneca Creek Falls is one of Pendleton County’s most secluded spots. Hidden at the base of the… View More

Falls of Hills Creek

A crown jewel of the Monongahela National Forest, the Falls of Hills Creek are hidden off of the Highland Scenic Highway, just 5 miles west … View More

Mill Creek Falls of Hawk’s Nest

Mill Creek Falls can be spotted while hiking along the Hawks Nest Rail Trail. With waters falling in a 20-foot drop, these falls are the lar… View More

Glade Creek Falls

Found along Glade Creek Trail within the New River Gorge National Park & Preserve, Glade Creek Falls creates a spectacular view with its pic… View More

Valley Falls

Created by the dark, rushing waters of the Tygart Valley River, Valley Falls is intertwined between rock faces at 10-foot drops. Popular wit… View More

Upper and Lower Falls of Holly River

Nestled within a cove of rhododendron and lush greenery, the Upper and Lower Falls are each a stunning sight to behold in Holly River State … View More

Oglebay Falls

Slip into your water shoes, park along Falls Drive and carefully make your way across the shallow stream and up wooden steps to the viewing … View More

Mill Creek Falls of Kumbrabow

Within the woods of the Kumbrabow State Forest, Mill Creek Falls is a hidden gem of the Allegheny Highlands. Standing at just 20-feet tall, … View More

Kanawha Falls

Easily viewable from scenic Route 60, just below the junction of the New and Gauley Rivers, Kanawha Falls awaits. Though these shelves are s… View More

Muddy Creek Falls

Home to the historic Virginia Furnace, Muddy Creek is a roadside park along Route 26 that can be found on the National Register of Historic … View More

Finn’s Falls

In the heart of the New River Gorge region find Finn’s Falls. Begin by entering ACE Adventure Resort and following signs to Waterfall Trail…. View More

Elakala Falls

The gorgeous Elakala Falls is a series of four waterfalls found within Blackwater Falls State Park. With waters stained from hemlock and red… View More

Cathedral Falls

Cathedral Falls is one of the tallest and most scenic waterfalls found in Almost Heaven. This natural wonder sits at 60 feet tall, with wate… View More

Campbell Falls

Well-known for its picturesque backdrop, Campbell Falls can be found within Camp Creek State Park in the mountains of Mercer County. With a … View More

Brush Creek Falls

Brush Creek Falls roars along a tributary of the Bluestone River – standing at over 30 feet tall in Mercer County. Start at the small park… View More

Marsh Fork Falls and Black Fork Falls

Twin Falls Resort State Park is home to two seasonal waterfalls that give the park its name – Marsh Fork Falls and Black Fork Falls. Found… View More

Falls of Pendleton

The Falls of Pendleton stumble over a moss-covered cliff within the lush Blackwater Falls State Park. This majestic beauty is found where Pe… View More

Butcher Branch Falls

Butcher Branch Falls tumbles down a tiered sandstone wall, creating a series of picturesque cascades. Find this secluded spot by following B… View More

Mash Fork Falls

Home to Camp Creek State Park, Mash Falls lies within the forest of Mercer County along Mash Fork – which empties into Camp Creek. Standin… View More

Whitaker Falls

Whitaker Falls is a small series of cascades surrounded by stunning greenery perfect for your Instagram feed. Located within the Randolph Co… View More

High Falls of the Cheat

Winding through Shavers Mountain in the Potomac Highlands, the High Falls of the Cheat is one of the Mountain State’s most distinctive water… View More

Little Whitestick Falls

Uniquely located minutes away from downtown Beckley and the Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine, Little Whitestick Falls is worth a visit for all w… View More

Pipestem Falls

With a 30+ foot drop on Pipestem Creek, Pipestem Falls is a hidden gem located along Route 20, approximately 11 miles south of Hinton. Follo… View More

Mann’s Creek Falls

Enjoy stunning views of the many layers of cascading waters at Mann’s Creek Falls in Babcock State Park. Begin your journey at the Babcock… View More

White Oak Falls

After parking at the access point for Brush Creek Falls, continue down the trail past Brush Creek’s rushing waters, another 1.75 miles to … View More

Flanagan Branch Falls

Flanagan Branch Falls is tucked away on the Old Sewell Trail at the beautiful Babcock State Park. To start your adventure, park near the his… View More

Westerly Falls

Westerly Falls, also known as Paint Creek Falls, is a charming, short-dropped waterfall in Fayette County. With water plummeting from 5 to 7… View More

Loopemount Waterfall

Located near mile-marker 8.1 on the 78-mile Greenbrier River Trail, the Loopemount Waterfall is a hidden gem within a thick, peaceful forest… View More

Tucker Falls

Located at Mason-Dixon Historical Park near Morgantown, Tucker Falls is a 14-foot hidden gem. This charming little park borders the Mason-Di… View More

Cranberry Creek Cascades

Cranberry Creek Cascades is a natural treasure in the downtown Beckley area. To access the falls, take Stanaford Mine Road in Beckley and dr… View More

Blackwater Falls

One of Almost Heaven’s tallest waterfalls, Blackwater Falls cascades a plunging 57 feet. This impressive falls is named for the distinct amb… View More

Falls Mill

Just off U.S. Route 19 on Pleasant Hill Road in Braxton County is a photogenic and wide cascade spanning the entire width of the Little Kana… View More

Parkinson’s Waterfall

Nestled in Bethany College’s leafy and historic campus, this waterfall is a familiar feature to students and a delightful surprise for vis… View More

Sugar Camp Run Falls

Sugar Camp Run Falls is one of a handful of beautiful waterfalls at Babcock State Park. Water rushes between several angular boulders, creat… View More

Clear Fork Rail Trail Waterfall

To find this deceptively unassuming beauty, watch for rail trail signs along WV Route 1, also known as Clear Fork Road. The closest access p… View More

WV Waterfalls in the News

The stunning cascades that call West Virginia home are in the national spotlight year-round – thanks to their breathtaking nature. Explore the West Virginia waterfall highlights below before claiming your passport.

Nominate a Waterfall

Did we leave out a waterfall in your region? Check out our criteria for visitor-ready waterfall sites and nominate a waterfall that we missed here.

Explore Our Frequently Asked Questions

I did not have cell phone service at a waterfall that I visited. How can I get help retroactively checking in? 

Call, text or email Bandwango, the technology company hosting this passport, at one of the following to get checked in after your visit. – Call or text: (888) 921-5333 – Email: support@bandwango.com

Please provide a photo of the waterfall you visited and/or the waterfall trail sign on location. 

I am already signed up but am having trouble finding my passport!

Email, call or text support@bandwango.com / (888) 921-5333 to have your passport re-sent straight to your phone.

What is the length of the waterfall trail and how long does it take to complete?

The West Virginia Waterfall Trail is a collection of 40 waterfalls (so far!), not a linear trail. We invite you to visit the waterfalls in any order and combination you’d like. It’s a choose-your-own-adventure menu of hikes and roadside stops to select from according to your preferences, and so there is not a predetermined time or distance associated with the trail itself. 

To inspire your travels, the West Virginia Waterfall Trail has been split into four regional road trips. Choose from sections in the Southeastern or Northern portions of the state, the Potomac Highlands or the New River – Greenbrier Valley.  

Which waterfalls are accessible? 

We have noted in the waterfall descriptions which can be viewed via accessible paths and which are located on the roadside and may even be viewed at a distance from your vehicle.

I didn’t provide my address when I signed up for my passport. How will you know where to ship my prizes?

Once you have checked in at enough waterfalls to be eligible for a prize, you will receive an email and/or text message (depending on the contact information you provided when you signed up). This communication will ask you to redeem your prize, and you’ll be invited to enter your address at that point. 

If I redeem one prize (the sticker for example, after visiting three waterfalls) does my check-in count reset to zero for the next prize? 

No, the waterfall check-ins are cumulative. So, after you redeem your sticker, you’ll need to check into seven more waterfalls to reach a total of 10 check-ins and redeem the water bottle prize.

I have a child who would like their own passport but they don’t have a cell phone. How can they get a passport and check-in? 

We would love for your whole family to join in on the waterfall fun! We recommend using a secondary email address to sign your child up for their passport. Follow the link in the introductory email that you receive at that alternate address and save the passport to your phone’s home screen. You may want to include an identifier, such as the child’s initials, when you create the icon on your home screen that you’ll use for their passport. This will help you keep track of who has checked in and where. 

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