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West Virginia is often referred to as the Mountain State. Don’t believe us? Come see for yourself. As the only state completely covered by the Appalachian Mountain Range, we have some of the best climbing opportunities on the East Coast. West Virginia has been a hidden gem in this sport for years. Whether you are new to the sport or are looking for out-of-this world adventure, we have a climbing route for you.

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4 most rewarding rock climbs for beginners

We’re the Mountain State, and mountains have a lot of rocks and cliffs that are perfect for climbing (even if you’re a beginner.) Wes...

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How to top the East Coast's only "true peak"

  It’s hard to miss Seneca Rocks, with its massive Tuscarora quartzite fins jutting out nearly 900 feet above the confluence of Se...

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6 mountain hikes… that aren’t really hikes

  Take a break from your go-to trail classics and hop on one of these hikes that are— well, not actually a hike. Trek on these ...

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Learn to: rock climb

  World-class peaks and cliffs are just a lesson away. Start on the best, with the best, and learning something new is so much ea...

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