6 Winter Waterfalls To Add To Your Bucket List

Don’t put away those hiking boots just yet, winter is the perfect time to experience the magic and majesty of West Virginia’s woodlands and waterfalls. If there’s anything that compounds the magical allure of a trail in winter, it’s a frozen waterfall. Frosted trees, sparkling rivers and frozen icicles converge to paint an entirely new picture of Almost Heaven waterfalls—even for those who might frequent often during the warmer months. As the winter months are upon us, prepare yourself for a season of fun by exploring these eye-catching activities in Almost Heaven.

Blackwater Falls

Located in the heart of Tucker County is Blackwater Falls, well-known for its rugged beauty and enchanting black water. Delightfully frozen icicles hang from the embankment, trickling off the rocky river into the cold water below each winter. A picture-perfect view of the waterfall—accessible by a snow-covered stairway—is a great wintertime adventure for you and your family in Blackwater Falls State Park.

Marsh Fork Falls & Black Fork Falls

Nestled into the mountains of Southern West Virginia are Marsh Fork Falls and Black Fork Falls, a frosty water-wonderland you don’t want to miss this winter. Taking a brisk hike along The Falls Trail in Twin Falls Resort State Park, you will spot these two quant little waterfalls. Offering sought-after snow-scapes of the frolicked nature of snow—the falls are a must-see for any nature-lover.

Cathedral Falls

Cathedral Falls is one of the highest and most scenic waterfalls in West Virginia. Located near the charming mountain-town of Fayetteville, the frost-bitten waterfall offers swoon-worthy views of icicles and snow-covered rock sediments. An easy trip for anyone to make, the delicate falls can be seen from the roadside and gets even better after a short walk. 

Valley Falls

A natural Almost Heaven gem, Valley Falls in Marion County is beautiful year-round. The water weaves gracefully in-between dramatic rock faces creating a dramatic ten-foot drop. The bubbly white water surrounded by crisp white snow is a uniquely West Virginian magical, winter dream in Valley Falls State Park.

Brush Creek Falls

Mercer County is home to an impressive outcrop known as Brush Creek Falls, a great spot to stop and admire the beauty of a West Virginia winter. The rugged rock that the enchanting waterway cascades over is especially prominent when coated with a winter sheen of ice, creating warm, sparkling memories. The falls are accessible by hiking trail.

Glade Creek 

Gorgeous snow-covered local winter flora line the banks of Glade Creek in Raleigh County—a true epitome of nature’s magic. Dotted throughout the lush greenery and delicate rock structures are tons of carefully curated icicles formed by the falls. Visiting Glade Creek in the winter months is a one-of-a-kind experience and the perfect outdoor getaway for a cold winter day.

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This post was last updated on February 23, 2022