These Trails Will Lead You to Extraordinary Waterfalls

With more than 200 waterfalls in the Mountain State, each hike that leads you to one of these wonders of nature is incredible and will leave you speechless. From easy hikes to more difficult treks, the views these trails lead you to are spectacular and will never be forgotten.

Blackwater Falls State Park

As one of the most iconic and most photographed locations in the state, visiting Blackwater Falls State Park is a no-brainer. With a number of outdoor activities, exploring the parks incredible waterfalls is a must-do.

  • Blackwater Falls Trail – To see the iconic Blackwater Falls, the trail is just a 0.4, out and back trail, perfect for all skill levels and a special bonus this trail is pet friendly.
  • Elakala to Yellow Birch Trail – The gorgeous Elakala Falls are a series of four waterfalls. Use the Elakala to yellow Birch Trail to view these beautiful falls. Along the way, take in the tranquil sounds of the falls and enjoy this easy hike through hemlock, red spruce trees, mountain laurels and rhododendrons.

Sandstone Falls

As the largest waterfall on the New River, Sandstone Falls is a beautiful sight to see. The waterfall spans 1500 feet across, is divided by islands and the falls drop from 10 to 25 feet.

  • Sandstone Falls Boardwalk – The boardwalk is a ¼ mile, handicap-accessible boardwalk that crosses two bridges that lead to islands as well as observation decks, which offer stunning views of the falls and access to fishing areas.
  • Island Loop Trail – This easy, ½ mile trail loops around the largest island below the falls. On this trail, hikers can view the natural succession as the old fields, which were once farmed, grazed and timbered, transition back to forest.
  • Big Branch Trail – This more difficult trail creates a two-mile loop and passes several waterfalls along the way. Also, on this trail, hiker will be treated to incredible views of the gorge as well as pass by beautiful and vibrant wildflowers.

Falls of Hills Creek

This hidden treasure includes a series of three falls that cascade 20 feet, 45 feet and the third falling at 63 feet. The lower falls, at 63 feet makes it the second highest waterfall in the Mountain State. To view the first waterfall, a handicap-accessible boardwalk is available and provides beautiful views. The Falls at Hills Creek is also a great spot for wildflower enthusiasts as well.

  • Falls of Hills Creek Trail – This 1.3-mile moderate trail leads you to the perfect spot to view the majestic Falls of Hills Creek. The falls are beautiful to observe year- round.

Brush Creek Falls

Brush Creek Falls is a beautiful 25-foot waterfall that spans across Brush Creek. The falls are located in Brush Creek Nature Preserve by the confluence of Brush Creek and the Bluestone River. This is a perfect spot photographers and nature lovers alike to get out and explore the Mountain State’s incredible scenic beauty and tranquil opportunities.

  • Brush Creek Falls Trail – To view the beautiful falls, a one-mile, easy, out and back trail awaits you. Along the way, make time to stop and enjoy the beautiful rhododendrons that follow you along the trail.

Valley Falls State Park

Valley Falls State Park features a serious of four picturesque falls that are created by the dark, rushing waters of the Tygart Valley River. At Valley Falls State Park, visitors can enjoy 18 miles of hiking trails for beautiful views of waterfalls and gorgeous overlooks.

  • Rocky & Rhododendron Trail – This 3.9-mile, moderate level, loop trail leads you to the beautiful falls for an up-close view of the incredible falls.
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This post was last updated on March 17, 2022