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Each step away from the churn and burn of the daily routine is a step closer to the place you belong. The place full of mystery, wonder and surprise. A remote, placid lake. A world-class trout stream. A luxury cabin in the mountains. In West Virginia, you’ll feel far away from everything. And a little closer to heaven.

Fallout 76: Emerge and Explore West Virginia

Your future outside of the vault begins in West Virginia. Fallout® 76, an online open world video game set in post-nuclear West Virginia, begins in Vault 76. It was designed to house five hundred people and open twenty-five years after the Great War (celebrated as ‘Reclamation Day’), when the residents would emerge into Appalachia and start anew.

Learn more about special events, Vault Boy sightings and promotions related to the release of the video game Fallout® 76.

The Future is Now

Fall Colors in the Mountain State

From rich shades of burgundy and red to amber and orange, there’s no better place to experience the colors of fall than in the hills of Almost Heaven.

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Explorers Blog: A Local Look at WV

West Virginia is well-known for its incredible outdoor adventures - and there’s no better way to learn the tricks of the trade than from the experts themselves!

From whitewater rafting and rock climbing to local restaurants and breweries — get an insider’s look at everything West Virginia has to offer.

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