These monsters of West Virginia folklore can be found in Fallout 76

Here’s a sneak peak at some of the West Virginia monsters of folklore that will be included in Fallout 76!


On November 16, 1966, two young couples in Point Pleasant reported seeing a large, man-sized creature with wings and red glowing eyes. The creature reportedly chased their car at upwards of 80 miles per hour from the outskirts of town to downtown. Sightings continued in the area until December 15, 1967 when the Silver Bridge connecting Point Pleasant to Gallopolis, Ohio collapsed. The Mothman was never spotted in Point Pleasant again, but continues to be popular among West Virginia folklore. The Mothman Museum in Point Pleasant (the only one of its kind) is also featured in Fallout 76.

The Beast of Grafton

In June of 1965, a terrifying creature was spotted in Grafton. Witnesses claimed that the beast had white hair and stood nine feet tall and four feet wide. Some believed it was a polar bear, but the most peculiar thing about the creature was that it reportedly had no head. There were over 20 confirmed sightings of the beast, and it is still unexplained to this day.

Flatwoods Monster

In September of 1952, several residents of Flatwoods reported seeing a bright object soar across the sky and land on a nearby farm. Terrified, they gathered several others and sought to discover what the flying object could be. As the group came down the hill onto the farm, one of them shined a light on what could only be explained as a tall, “man-like” figure with a round, red face surrounded by a pointed, hood shape.” The creature reportedly hissed at the group causing them to retreat in fear. Paranoia ran rampant throughout the town and the legend of the Flatwoods Monster began. Today, the city of Flatwoods has giant chairs in the shape of the monster placed in different areas of town to celebrate the legendary sightings.

Mega Sloth

One of the more interesting creatures in Fallout 76 is the Mega Sloth. There isn’t much known about the sloth now, but it is worth noting that West Virginia’s official state fossil is the Megalonyx Jeffersonii (otherwise known as Jefferson’s ground sloth). Thomas Jefferson was quite enticed with the discovery of a “mega sloth” whose fossils had been discovered in West Virginia.

What creature are you most looking forward to encountering in Fallout 76?

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This post was last updated on October 11, 2018