Crisp autumn air. Rushing rapids. An experience you’ll never forget.

Whitewater rafting is special in the West Virginia, but every fall, it transforms into something legendary. Take part in a tradition like no other right here in the Mountain State. Venture down iconic Almost Heaven whitewater for the adventure of a lifetime. From mild to wild, West Virginia has you covered.


Gauley River

Every September beginning the weekend after Labor Day, the Summersville Dam executes a series of scheduled releases into the Gauley River – transforming the river into a Class V paradise overnight. Rafters from around the world flock to West Virginia for “Gauley Season” – West Virginia’s official fifth season. These releases continue through October and transform the Gauley River into a winding world-renowned whitewater roller-coaster that draws the attention of rafters near and far. This annual occurrence gives rafting enthusiasts the chance to adventure down iconic Class V rapids like Insignificant Rapid, Pillow Rock Rapid, Lost Paddle Rapid, and Sweet’s Falls Rapid.


New River

Ironically one of the oldest rivers in the world, the New River has been a whitewater oasis attracting rafters for more than 50 years. The New River is located within the New River Gorge National River is divided into two sections: the Upper New and Lower New. The upper portion of the river is recommended for families and beginners, while the lower portion is ideal for experienced rafters and those looking for more of a challenge. Rafting on the New River gives adventurers the opportunity to see the iconic New River Gorge Bridge from a unique perspective as you pass under the 876-foot-tall structure.

Below, you’ll find more rafting inspiration as well as various outfitters throughout the New River Gorge region that are prepared to take visitors on the ultimate Almost Heaven whitewater adventure. Additionally, many outfitters offer lodging options as well as other exciting excursions to add even more adventure to your Almost Heaven getaway.

Fall in West Virginia