RSA Flight Training

Morgantown, WV

RSA Flight Training is North Central West Virginia's premier flight training provider. Our staff is dedicated to providing top quality, comprehensive flight instruction from Private Pilot through Certificated Flight Instructor. Our team of instructors are available 7 days a week and will work around your schedule. In addition to our 3 airplanes, RSA Flight Training also has an FAA approved flight training device. So, when it comes time for to get your instrument rating or an Instrument Proficiency Check we can save you time and money by logging some approaches in our Simulator.

The RSA "Introductory Flight Lesson" YES, You will fly the plane! Come spend an hour with one of our FAA Certified Instructors. This lesson is ideal for someone who has always been curious about flying, or as a unique gift idea. During the lesson, you will fly for 45 minutes in the plane and get a 30 minute ground lesson. You will sit in the pilot's seat and actually manipulate the controls as you soar through the air!

You will get to try each of the basic flight maneuvers - climbs, descents, turns, and straight and level flight. After the flight, you will get to taxi the airplane back to the ramp.

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