West Virginia’s Award Winning Rail Trail

In the heart of Mountaineer Country lies a treasure loved by many, yet unknown to some: the Mon River Rail Trail System. This 48 mile collection of trails has been officially inducted into the Rail-Trail Hall of Fame, in recognition of its breathtaking views and immense community impact.

The three sections of the Mon River Rail Trail System each provide a unique experience. These three trail sections are popular with runner, bikers, walkers, skaters and more! Join us in celebrating this massive achievement by coming along for a ride, walk, or roll along the award-winning pathway.

The Mon River Trail

Moving from the Pennsylvania and West Virginia border, the Mon River Trail follows the mighty Monongahela river. Along this path expect breathtaking woodland views and the occasional waterfall! As you make your way into Morgantown, the views will quickly shift to lively cityscapes on the Caperton Trail.

Caperton Trail

You will find yourself on the Caperton Trail as you move into downtown Morgantown. This 6-mile stretch will take you by some of the city’s most beloved eateries and shops. Many favorite parks will provide bursts of green within the unique Caperton Trail. Moving through the Hazel Ruby McQuain Park, the trail will fork with an option to continue on the Mon River Trail or to traverse the Deckers Creek Trail.

Deckers Creek Trail

The 19.5 stretch of the Deckers Creek Trail will bring you through rustic farmland and and untouched forests. Keep an eye out for blooming rhododendron and dramatic river rapids as you traverse this rail trail. Considered by many the gem of the whole trail system, the Deckers Creek Trail is not one to miss.

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This post was last updated on February 28, 2022