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Homestyle cooking. Made-from-scratch. Flavors you can only find in West Virginia. Authentic diners and one-of-a-kind eateries are what make Almost Heaven feel like home.

Jim’s Steak and Spaghetti House offers a family atmosphere and has traditionally served as a meeting place for locals and out-of-town visitors for decades. Situated in downtown Huntington, Jim’s is known for its quality, consistency, and its friendly atmosphere. Whether you order the famous spaghetti, the haddock fish sandwich, or a slice of homemade pie – you’ll always leave Jim’s with a smile on your face. Jim’s was named the 2019 America’s Classics winner in the Southeast region by the James Beard Foundation.

A staple of the small mountain town of Davis since 1988, Sirianni’s Cafe is a place where anyone will immediately feel at home. They serve fresh, good tasting pizza and Italian favorites in an eclectic atmosphere. Look around and make yourself at comfortable while you’re here, but most of all, savor the experience of your meal.

The Corner Shop is a delightful old-fashioned soda fountain located in historic Bramwell. At the turn of the 19th century, the little town of Bramwell was a hub of wealth, with more millionaires per capita than anywhere in the country. The pharmacy of the town, now The Corner Shop, was one of the first stores to carry the upscale fragrance, Chanel No. 5.

Italian Heritage & The Pepperoni Roll

Fairmont has a special little hot dog stand that seems to have been around as long as most of the town. At the end of the Million Dollar Bridge is a small little shop called Yann’s Hot Dog Stand. Russell, the owner of Yann’s Hot Dogs, has been serving up these delicious dogs and slinging hot chili sauce since the 1960’s.

Don’t let this small restaurant fool you. It has one of the area’s spiciest chili sauces that is out of this world. The chili sauce is cooked for hours to get it as close to perfection as anything can get. And of course, as a West Virginian favorite, you will need a couple chocolate milks to soothe the burn from of all the spice.

In the early 1900s, there was an influx of Italian immigrants making their way to West Virginia. Most of the immigrants quickly found work in West Virginia’s booming coal industry as miners. It was common for Italian coal miners to take sticks of pepperoni and bread into the mines with them for their long days, and eventually some began to bake the pepperoni into the bread. Restaurants in Fairmont are most commonly credited with commercializing pepperoni rolls, and today, they are the unofficial state food of West Virginia.

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