Small Towns, Big History

Deep within the Appalachian Mountains lives a rich history that echoes into the present. Luckily, West Virginia natives have long-preserved this history through the art of storytelling. In Almost Heaven, there’s always something to discover. Be it in-person or virtually, we are eager to share our stories with you.


Characterized by its quaint beauty and abundant history, Summers County is an unforgettable slice of Almost Heaven. Overall, Hinton is home to the statue of the legendary John Henry, the Hinton Railroad Museum and the Veterans Memorial Museum. In Hinton’s historical district, the Campbell-Flannagan-Murrell House claims the city’s title of the longest-standing residential structure. The staff has arranged for both in-person and virtual tours of this historic home.


To explore Moundsville is to immerse oneself in West Virginia’s history. For instance, the Grave Creek Mound— for which the town was named– is an ancient burial site that dates back to 250-150 B.C. Moundsville continues to boast its rich history through the West Virginia State Penitentiary. Established in the late 19th century, the jail housed multiple infamous criminals within its walls. From burial grounds to behind bars, Moundsville has quite a few stories to tell.


As one of the two oldest towns in West Virginia, Romney is packed with unique history. Since being officially chartered in 1762, Romney has remained a favorite site among history lovers. Also residing in Romney is one of the nation’s best-preserved Civil War trenches, Fort Mill Ridge. To best enjoy the fall colors and views of this historic spot, take a ride on the Potomac Eagle Scenic Railroad.


Known for its unique Victorian architecture, Wheeling rounds out any history bucket list. Since its construction in 1849, the Wheeling Suspension Bridge lives on as the oldest suspension span in the US. Want to celebrate the birth of the Mountain State? You should head on over to the West Virginia Independence Hall, where the state was founded. Finally, finish up your day in Wheeling with a relaxing family-friendly stay at Oglebay Resort & Conference Center.

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Travelers visiting West Virginia are encouraged to check the status of individual businesses before taking a trip. A statewide indoor face-covering requirement is in effect and visitors are encouraged to maintain a safe social distance when traveling.

This post was last updated on October 23, 2020