Flat Trails and Challenging Hikes, Discover Almost Heavens Scenic Rail Trails

From easy, flat trails to more challenging hikes, West Virginia has hundreds of miles of rail trails perfect for hiking, biking and sometimes even horseback riding. Along these trails you’ll pass through tunnels and over bridges, stop by historical sites and scenic stops and maybe even find some peace and quiet along the way. Start discovering Almost Heavens scenic rail trails.

Greenbrier River Trail

Used for hiking, biking and horseback riding, the Greenbrier River Trail is always a beautiful experience as the trail passes through small towns, crosses 35 bridges and goes through two tunnels. The trail spans 78 miles and takes travelers through Calvin Price State Forest, Watoga State Park and Seneca State Forest and has been named one of the 25 best rail trails in the U.S. by Outside Magazine.

North Bend Rail Trail

Spanning 72-miles, the North Bend Rail Trail crosses 36 bridges, passes through ten tunnels and is part of the coast-to-coast, 5,500-mile American Discovery Trail. On the trail, hikers and bikers will enjoy passing by beautiful farmland and passing through the “haunted” Silver Run Tunnel.

Allegheny Highlands Trail

Following the original route of the West Virginia Central and Pittsburgh Railway, the Allegheny Highlands Trail (AHT) provides 24.2 miles of incredible tail and stunning panoramic views. Running from the city of Elkins to the charming mountain town of Thomas beautiful sights and sounds accompany you the entire trail.

Caperton/Mon River/Decker’s Creek Rail Trail

Whether you’re looking for an urban ride or a challenging climb, these trails all connect to one another and provide 48 miles of amazing rail trail. The Decker’s Creek Rail Trail passes by farmland and provides a more challenging ride along the way. The Caperton Trail is perfect for an easy long walk as it passes by city parks, restaurants and storefront in beautiful Morgantown. Following the Monongahela River towards Fairmont, the Mon River Rail Trail includes 29 miles that passes by many different landscapes.

Wheeling Heritage Rail-Trail

The Wheeling Heritage Rail-Trail provides 16.5 miles of incredible trail, accompanied by beautiful signs along the way, which provides a self-guided tour of Wheeling’s history. This trail takes you through the city of Wheeling, passes along the east bank of the Ohio River and through the Hempfield Tunnel, which was built in 1904.

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This post was last updated on March 6, 2023