A Day in the Life of a Capon Guest

Log out of your email and set your phone to do not disturb, because we are heading to a stress free oasis. Nestled within the secluded mountains of the Potomac Highlands, this safe haven is Capon Springs and Farms. Come with us as we reminisce about what a day at this all inclusive resort looks like.

With a WV Strong 30% discount offered to all in state residents staying before September 2nd, there has never been a better time to book. 

A Breakfast Feast

Awake from a peaceful slumber at 8:30am as the music begins playing “from the trees” to signal the day’s beginning activities. Stroll through the fresh mountain air to the socially distanced Dining Room and find your spot at your personal table. Enjoy a vast breakfast buffet outfitted with farm fresh goods, local meats and more.

Capon Tip: Any time its available, be sure to snag a piece of the homemade coffee cake for breakfast, you will not be disappointed!

Morning Relaxation

Try your hand at one of the many games and sports available to play at Capon! Whether you head up to the golf course or test your frisbee golf skills, there is no shortage of activities. Head to the Rec Room to collect the freshly sanitized paddles, rackets or balls required for your game of choice.

Capon Tip: Forget everything you have heard about shuffleboard, and head over to the court to enjoy a friendly game, sure to bring out your competitive side.

Refuel at Lunch

As the music begins to play from the trees at noon, take an hour to decompress before lunch. Relax in a hammock under the trees with a good book or spend some time in the rocking chairs on the porch. You can always ask to take any meal to-go if you would prefer to eat in your favorite spot around the resort!

Capon Tip: If you add a salad to your plate, be sure to try the resort’s famous Pearle’s Piquant dressing. When you fall in love with Piquant you can buy a bottle in the gift shop and take a piece of Capon home with you!

Afternoon Adventures

Among Capon go-ers the swimming pool is a bit of a legend, filled with fresh spring water. Wait until the sun is high in the sky to go for a refreshing dip in the rejuvenating spring water. Feeling refreshed, head to the Eagle Rock trail and enjoy the breathtaking views into the Shenandoah Valley.

Capon Tip: If the hike to Eagle Rock isn’t your kind of thing, check out the more mild Orange Trail through a beautiful pine forest.

Dinner With a View

If you are staying on a Thursday, when the dinner bell rings at 6:00pm head up to the golf course for dinner on the hill. Enjoy a delicious steak dinner (with vegetarian options always available) set to an unbelievable view. Dinner on the hill is always a favorite of all Capon-goers.

Capon Tip: Never be afraid to ask for seconds of any dish you really enjoyed! In fact, double desserts are never frowned upon.

Sunset Fun

Hang out on the hill as a vibrant sunset covers the sky and get ready for a Capon favorite– Bingo. New for the 2020 season you can enjoy bingo on the hill. If you end up lucky, you might just win some Capon merch or a batch of homemade goodies!

Capon Tip: Another activity new for the 2020 season is Friday night movies at the Bandstand! Stretch out on the lawn and enjoy a film as the mountain stars fill the sky.

After a full day of all-inclusive relaxation and fun, cozy up in bed to be well rested for another day.

Feeling inspired? If you are an in-state resident don’t forget to take advantage of the 30% discount if you stay before September 2nd. 

This post was last updated on February 28, 2022