Your guide to the perfect West Virginia hot dog

You haven’t had the full West Virginia experience until you’ve sunk your teeth into a traditional West Virginian hot dog. This hot dog is piled high with chili, slaw, mustard, and onions. The unique combination of ingredients has been eaten in this state for decades:


Unlike your tradition chili chock-full of beans, meat, and veggies, West Virginia hot dog chili – or sauce as some call it – is a strictly meaty mixture. One of the most famous hot dog chilis in the state is Custard Stand Chili. This famous chili can be found at one of the five Custard Stand Chili restaurants, in over one of 200 stores in the state, or you can purchase it from their website. This chili is so special it was even featured on the popular ABC show Shark Tank!


This chilled cabbage concoction is a staple to the West Virginia dog. With so many variations of coleslaw, it can be hard to decide which is best on your hot dog. One of the more unique slaws in the area comes from Chum’s Hotdogs in Marmet. Home to the yellow slaw, Chum’s slaw is sweeter than most. Try it for yourself today!


The hot dog isn’t complete with out the yellow mustard! While this yellow condiment may seem odd paired with chili and slaw, it is the glue that hold the dog together. Super Weenie, located in Charleston, puts a spicy twist to the traditional mustard recipe. This curry mustard, referred to as super mustard, adds the perfect amount of spice to this unique dog.


The sprinkle of chopped onions means the West Virginia dog is complete. This tart vegetable adds the perfect amount of crunch to every bite. Looking for home-grown onions? Look no further than The Purple Onion, located in Capitol Market. This locally owned grocery store prides itself offering it customers the best locally grown produce.

West Virginia Hot Dog Festival

Try one or try them all! Taking place Saturday, July 28, in Huntington, this festival is a hot dog lover’s haven. This annual event brings together many famous hot dog vendors from across the state for the day-long festival that is filled with live music and entertainment. All proceeds from the festival go to Hoops Family Children’s Hospital at Cabell Huntington Hospital to help the region’s children who are in treatment for cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. For more information about this upcoming festival visit their website here!

Where to find a signature West Virginia dog

Who makes your favorite West Virginia hot dog?

This post was last updated on August 3, 2020