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Great things are happening in the outdoors of West Virginia. We’ve added more than 78,000 acres to our public hunting lands in the last three years. Residents and visitors alike can now hunt on both private and public lands on Sundays.

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West Virginia has rightfully earned the titles of  “Wild and Wonderful” and “Almost Heaven.” With abundant wildlife, West Virginia is a heavenly haven for outdoorsmen of any kind. For hunters, West Virginia is an oasis containing an abundance of challenging game to hunt. Before you make your way into the woods for a hunt, make sure you know the best locations, regulations and dates throughout the year.

While world-class hunting can be found around the state, there are a few locations that many hunters seem to frequent. LewisMasonWoodRitchieJackson, and Monroe counties are popular hunting regions, but the most ideal location can depend on the year. You can discover popular areas with the West Virginia Division of Natural Resource‘s annual Big Game Bulletin as well as the updated hunting regulations and dates each year!


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