Thanksgiving Traditions in Almost Heaven

From regional favorites to family traditions, Thanksgiving recipes are a vital piece of West Virginian culture. Check out this collection

Thanksgiving Buffet Dinner at Adaland

First of our holiday celebrations. The buffet dinner features a traditional Thanksgiving meal. Adaland’s own cook of 14 years, Lucy Williamson, prepares a buffet table spread with seasonal delectables including ham, turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans and other vegetables, salad with Lucy’s secret dressing, homemade rolls warm from the oven, a dessert table heavy with pies and cakes of the season, and Adaland’s signature peach iced tea. Adults $20.00 plus tip. Children $10.00 plus tip. Reservations are required and limited to 10 per caller. Reservations for six or more must be paid in advance. Credit card, check or cash accepted with 10% house gratuity.