Thanksgiving Traditions in Almost Heaven

From regional favorites to family traditions, Thanksgiving recipes are a vital piece of West Virginian culture. Check out this collection of delicious plates shared with us by our followers for some feast inspiration.

Apple Dumplings

@samieteets on Instagram

“I have great memories of making them with my grandma, mom and sister on Thanksgiving every year at my grandparent’s house, and my mom says she would with her grandparents too! Something we like to do is pour milk over the top of them to eat. This dish is a mixture of fresh-cut apples, seasonings, butter and of course sugar.”

Fried Turkey Dressing

@ksgirl97 on Instagram

“Fried turkey dressing is one of our family favorites, passed down from my grandmother on my mom’s side. This delicious recipe is hard to beat, as everything is better fried! Mix up bread crumbs, onions, celery, milk, egg, turkey and some seasonings and toss it in a frying pan.

Popcorn and Toast

@lloumoo on Instagram

“We always include the official Charlie Brown Thanksgiving dinner for fun. (Plus it’s so easy!)”

Pickled Beets and Eggs

@sgwiley on Instagram

“My grandmother and her grandmother, born and raised in Terra Alta WV, have always made pickled beets and eggs for holidays or special occasions. I have never seen it at any other dinner table which makes it extra special. It consists of eggs, nellies beets, sugar, salt and pepper and white vinegar.”

Cranberry Salad

@wonderalways_wanderoften on Instagram

“My grandma has been making this dish for years! All you need to make the most delicious cranberry salad is jello, apples, oranges, cranberries and oranges.

Green Stuff

@emily.e.hayes on Instagram

“With its ambiguous yet descriptive name, Green Stuff is on our family table every Thanksgiving. This recipe is passed down from my great grandparents Daddy Earl and Mamaw. These days my sister and I make it with my mom each year for the holidays. Green Stuff is a combination of lime jello, pineapple, cottage cheese, marshmallows and whipping cream.

Potato Candy

@nataliespaid on Instagram

“This unique treat began as a desperation Appalachian dessert, for families who didn’t have a lot back when. And today potato candy is a tradition in some Appalachian households. All you need for this simple dessert is a russet potato, powdered sugar and nut butter of some kind!

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This post was last updated on December 4, 2020