Gobble Gobble: Spring Turkey Season in Almost Heaven

With the arrival of budding trees and warmer weather in Almost Heaven comes the annual five-week-long turkey hunting season. With

Archery Tag at the Upshur County Relay for Life

There will be a 5v5 Archery Tag Tournament at the Upshur County Relay for Life. $30 per team and all proceeds go to the American Cancer Society. Visit our website for more information and to print out the registration form.

Archery Tag at the Brooks Hill Fair

Archery Tag is coming to the Brooks Hill Fair in Upshur County on July 24, 25. Tag or be tagged! GOTCHA!

Archery Tag at the Lewis County Fair

Archery Tag is coming to the Lewis County Fair! $5 per game per player. 5v5 games will last 8-10 minutes each.


DISCONNECT from the world and be in church on Sunday morning. DISCONNECT from electronic devices- put the phone away and get out and play. GOTCHA! Archery provides a free event the first Sunday of every month to encourage kids to put down the electronics and get outside and be active. Stay in touch to learn the location for each month's event. July's event will be at the River Walk Trail at West Virginia Wesleyan College.