6 reasons a cabin is the most romantic getaway

There isn’t any doubt that a cabin getaway is the most romantic place for couples. A cozy retreat nestled in the woods, a roaring fireplace and no responsibilities or distractions is the perfect recipe for romance.

Here are the top reasons a cabin is the most romantic getaway, and where in West Virginia to find your romantic escape:

1. Reconnecting

Time away together allows you to recharge as individuals, and time to reconnect with each other. To connect as a couple while disconnecting from the web, spend a weekend at a cabin in the largest quiet zone on the East Coast. Cell phones and wireless internet are not available in the area surrounding the Green Bank telescope, because they interfere with the work of scientists and astronomers. You’ll find plenty to do while exploring the small towns or the George Washington National Forest.

2. Pampering Yourselves

There’s no better way to relax than to indulge and pamper yourself— sleep in, take an afternoon nap, soak in the hot tub under the stars or treat yourselves to a massage or spa treatment. Berkeley Springs State Park is the perfect cabin-and-spa combo. You can soak in the hot mineral baths and enjoy a variety of spa treatments.

3. Seclusion and Serenity of the Forest

Spending time in nature walking, holding hands and breathing fresh air reduces stress and fosters closeness. For a quiet and peaceful cabin stay, try a cabin in Pocahontas County, which is largely encompassed by the Monongahela Forest. Both Seneca Rocks State Forest and Watoga State Park have cozy cabin rentals.

4. Adventuring Together

West Virginia has all types of adventures to enjoy with your sweetie. Choose from activities like rock climbing, whitewater rafting, skydiving or hiking. You will bond and make memories as you challenge yourselves and try new things. Cabins in the New River Gorge National Park are a wonderful place to relax after a fun day in the outdoors. The New River Gorge is the wildest adventure scene in southern West Virginia, so you’ll be able to play all day and enjoy sweet romance in the evening.

5. No Responsibilities

The best part of any vacation is leaving behind the housework and chores. Depending on where you stay, you can have daily room service or call for a quick touch-up as needed. The Spring Row Legacy cabins at The Greenbrier resort are not only some of the oldest cabins in the state, they also come with 4-Star service.

6. Exploring nearby towns together, but having a secluded escape to retreat to

Sightseeing and exploring historic quaint towns is a fun way to spend time as a couple. You’ll both be in a new place, learning and trying new things. We have so many vibrant small towns in West Virginia, you’ll easily find one that suits your style, and a cozy cabin nearby.

How will you enjoy your romantic cabin escape to West Virginia?

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This post was last updated on July 20, 2020