4 WV podcasters you should be listening to

Here are some stellar podcasts you might be surprised are either produced in West Virginia or by West Virginia natives:

1. Inside Appalachia

Stories hidden between the mountains and rivers of West Virginia and beyond are unearthed in this sometimes quirky series, hosted by West Virginia native Jessica Lilly.

Inside Appalachia covers topics from the different pronunciations of Appalachia (we say it’s appa-LATCH-uh!) and how Jell-O marked a new era in rural Appalachia, to heartwarming and personal stories of triumph over adversity and heartbreak. Hear interviews from real people with unique perspectives, coupled with immersive sound bites that take you on an audio tour of the rich culture and history of Appalachia.

Guitarists, percussion player, and keyboard player at Mountain Stage, WV

2. Mountain Stage

It’s “where musicians come to play,” and we’re lucky for it! For more than 30 years, Mountain Stage has brought in legendary musicians and hot emerging acts (Chris Stapleton, anyone?) into the heart of West Virginia to record in front of a live audience. You can hear it on NPR stations around the world every week.

The show certainly isn’t genre exclusive— sounds range from blues, folk or alternative, to world music, indie rock and beyond. You can hear the complete recording of each show, with songs you won’t hear on the radio, on the podcast. (And, it’s the only place you’ll get to hear the full finale song!)

3. Death, Sex and Money

Charleston native Anna Sale produces this WNYC radio podcast that tackles the “big questions and hard choices often left out of polite conversation” head-on. Be comforted by Sale’s warm and understanding interview style— just like you’d expect a West Virginian to be!

Guests range from people you’ve heard of, like Jane Fonda, Jeff Daniels and fellow West Virginia native Bill Withers, to everyday folks that open up to share their raw— and real— stories. Like any resilient Mountain State native, she forges through interactions with her guests, unafraid of the questions that might otherwise go unasked.

4. My Brother, My Brother and Me

Brothers and Huntington natives Justin, Travis and Griffin McElroy collaborate from across the country on this “advice cast.”

  • Justin is an editor of Polygon, a video game website, and he co-hosts another podcast with his wife: Sawbones, which covers medical history.
  • Travis has master carpentry skills and also hosts Bunker Buddies, a doomsday prepper comedy podcast.
  • Griffin is the senior editorial producer for Polygon.

They field questions in each of their areas of expertise, so you can imagine how diverse their weekly podcasts can be. Tune in and you just might get some advice worth taking!

Next time you’re on the go, queue up one of these podcasts and soak in the sweet sounds and stories curated by West Virginia’s own!

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This post was last updated on March 1, 2022