Our Tips For Cooking Fresh & Eating Local in 2022

This new year we are all looking to make positive changes in our lives, with many of us hoping to freshen up our diets and try new local West Virginian flavors. Whether you looking for some foodie inspiration or new ways to kick your current recipes up a notch, our local farms, markets and their vendors have you covered.

Organic Produce

Create the perfect colorful, winter salad with fresh greens and other veggies from Wardensville Garden Market in Wardensville. Offering delectable, locally grown veggies year-round, the market is home to carrots, radishes and more—sure to keep your taste buds happy and healthy this season.

Healthy Sweets

Homemade honey is a sweet treat great with toast, cereal or on top of a juicy fruit salad. Mountain State Honey Company in Tucker County owns and operates about 2,200 hives of honeybees producing honey year-round. Kick-off your days with their creamed honey on a toasted bagel or a light drizzle over a strawberry.

Festive Feasting

Offering a selection of delectable grass-fed beef, chicken and pork, Triple E Farms LLC’s family-owned farm near Romney is a great place to get a variety of organic meats. Try out a flavorful roast, ribeye steak or something more unique to change up your dinner plans this season.

Farm to Table Finds

Brighten up your morning palette with a selection of chicken eggs, duck eggs and quail eggs from Powder Keg Farms in Hampshire County. The farm’s free-range heritage breeds yield multi-colored, certified naturally grown eggs—ideal for a fresh omelet or protein shake.

Charcuterie Perfection

Create the most beautiful and scrumptious array of cheese for your next girls’ night with Shepherds Whey Creamery in Martinsburg. Start subtly with a sharp cheese like Winter’s End, or taste their strongest cheese, Snow Buttons for a flavorful punch. These cheeses pair phenomenally with locally sourced jams.

Mouthwatering Mountain Flavors

Do you like a savory finish to your dishes? Try out the wide variety of salts made by J.Q. Dickinson Salt-Works in Charleston. Their Ghost Pepper finishing salt blends excellently with eggs, potatoes or a fresh garden salad. For a seriously flavorful experience try the Bourbon Barrel Smoked finishing salt.

Holistically Flavorful Poultry

Chow-down with the family on a whole chicken with breakdown service—custom cuts made to your whole chicken order—at Deep Mountain Farm in Fayetteville. Offering a delivery service up to 1.5 hours from the farm for bulk/multi-family purchases, this is a great dish for get-togethers and gatherings.

There are so many places across the Mountain State to shop for local produce and products, and several different types of winter adventures to experience nearby. Check out more West Virginia dreamy wintertime adventures by signing up for Winter Snowfall Updates.

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This post was last updated on February 23, 2022