Longing for an easy trail walk dotted with wildflowers? West Virginia is the perfect backdrop. In spring, the birds are singing, the skies are clear, and the breeze is perfect. And, speckles of yellow, red and pink line walking paths, parks and even homes. Natural. Welcoming. Enchanting. That’s Almost Heaven.

Home and Garden Tours

Homes on Tour

Hosted by the Shenandoah-Potomac Garden Council, this annual event gives guests the chance to tour gorgeous homes. Docents from garden clubs throughout the region guide guests through these homes and gardens, describing the architecture, furnishings and plantings, as well as genealogical information or historical events that may have taken place on the grounds or within the walls.

Lewisburg Home and Garden Tour

This annual event showcases distinct homes throughout the Greenbrier Valley. Visitors will learn how the area’s architecture was influenced, see historic artifacts, private collections and lovely spring gardens.

Through the Garden Gate: Bluefield Garden Tour

“Through the Garden Gate” is a breathtaking summer garden tour that happens only once every two years. It features outdoor entertaining spaces and the art of tablescapes. The tour features a walkthrough of some of the most exclusive homes in southern West Virginia and the gardens they cultivate, a fabulous garden party at final tour home, live entertainment and complimentary wine and cheese. Many of the homes are on the National Register of Historic Places.

Bramwell Spring Tour of Homes

Go back in time to visit the town of the millionaires with a walking tour featuring rows of Victorian homes built during the height of the West Virginia coal industry. The homes date back to the 1880s and early 1900s. Quaint brick streets line the way, with delightful stores and restaurants on Bramwell’s Main Street. Complete with costumed interpreters, the tour recaptures the “Gilded Age.”

A walk in Almost Heaven

Garden tours in the Mountain State take visitors through entertaining spaces and sprawling landscapes. Here are a number of features you can expect to see on any of these home tours:

Find More Flowers

Hydrangeas, roses, perennials, ground covers, sweet bay magnolia, hornbeam trees and more are often available.

Gardens are often adorned with handcrafted pieces influenced by Roman or Greek mythology.

From elegant stonework to custom ironwork, these gardens have surprises such as koi ponds and Japanese waterfall gardens.

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