Gal getaways: wild weekends

Feeling adventurous? Bring your friends along for the ride in West Virginia!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a horse lover, an off-road type or a kayak fan— if you want to jazz up your ladies’ getaway, head to West Virginia.

Seek and you shall find:

1. Bliss in the saddle

Who hasn’t dreamed of saddling up and leaving modern technology behind? Become a cowgirl for the weekend and ride among peaceful forests. Try these stables:

Autumn Breeze Farms near Snowshoe Mountain has a special scenic ride: the Sunset Ride. This romantic journey takes you atop a mountain, where you’ll see an endless sky slowly changing color. Sunsets guaranteed!

Mountain Trail Rides in Canaan Valley has a lovely stable filled with playful horses like Jericho, Jolene, Yankee and Dan. If you have some riding experience under your belt, try the Mountain Adventure Ride. It’s an immersive 5-hour trip through mountainous paths and woods. Then, dismount and have a picnic lunch!

Hidden Trails Stables in Lost River State Park has a whole range of trail rides. Go for the longest one, though— you’ll gently ascend a mountain before dismounting at Cranny Crow, a 3,000-foot peak that reveals marvellous sweeps of the park.

2. Excitement off the beaten path

Here’s your chance to really get behind the wheel. Consider these wild all-terrain West Virginian activities:

Off-Road Adventures at The Greenbrier will teach you how to off-road— for real. The resort has a special Jeep Wrangler Rubicon you can drive, along with 2 pals and an instructor, through anything from mud to formidable obstacles. Don’t worry— the Jeep can handle it, and so can you. Belt yourself in for lots of excitement!

Chaos Off-Road Park is a fun place to bring your Jeep or 4×4 for a weekend of outdoor thrills. There’s the Egg Game, where you drive your car around a course while your pal holds an egg on a spoon out the window. They even have trail guide training and guided trail rides.

The park is on private property and only open for trail riding on posted dates, so be sure to check their schedule before heading out.

3. Waves of thrills

Prepare to get swept away! West Virginia’s lively rivers will have you shouting for miles— just what you want for a wild weekend. Get on board at these attractions:

Adventures on the Gorge, ACE Adventure Resort and River Expeditions have whitewater rafting for every level of paddler, and solo kayak lessons if you’re ready to man your own boat, too.

Choose the playful New River or the raucous Gauley. The New has a super-chill section to start out, and big waves down its lower run. The Gauley’s all wild, but its upper is famous in the fall. (Rafting over a 14-foot waterfall, anyone?)

4. Ride the mountains

Get to really know our mountain terrain. Hop on a mountain bike and challenge West Virginia’s signature landscape:

Get mountain bike lessons at Adventures on the Gorge. You’ll learn crucial stuff like negotiating tricky obstacles and proper form, so you can take to the trails anytime. It’s liberating!

You can also sign up for lessons and tours at Snowshoe. Certified coaches have lessons for all kinds of riders, from absolute beginners to XC pros. Do you have a specific goal? Get a private lesson!

Where are you going to have your next girls’ weekend getaway?

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This post was last updated on July 24, 2020