Discover Why West Virginia Rafting Will Soon be in the National Spotlight

It is no secret that West Virginia boasts some of the finest whitewater rafting in the world. It continues to attract thousands of visitors to the Mountain State year after year to get their fill of adrenaline and adventure. In 2018, West Virginia whitewater rafting is being showcased on the national level by the United States Whitewater Rafting Championships! The championships will be held in Fayetteville beginning Sept. 4 and will include five days of qualifying rounds.

Teams from across the United States will flock to Fayetteville for their chance to represent the country in Australia in the 2019 World Rafting Championship! The competition will include numerous classes including Youth (15-19 years old), Junior (15-23 years old), Masters (40+ years old), and Open. Teams will consist of six rafters who will compete in timed races such as head-to-head, downriver, slalom, and sprint!

This is not the first time West Virginia has hosted a major whitewater event. In 2001 the World Rafting Championships were held in the Mountain State and featured over 150 participants!

The Championships will take place on the New River and Gauley River. Both rivers feature Class V rapids that are sure to give participants the ride of their lives! The New and Gauley rivers are two of West Virginia’s most iconic attractions and having them in the national spotlight is a terrific opportunity for the entire state!

Will you be making your way to Fayetteville to watch?

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This post was last updated on March 17, 2022