My Mom Says It’s Perfect

Elkins, West Virginia

You're invited to immerse yourself in an extraordinary celebration of Appalachian artistic expression as we proudly present the captivating duo of Keegan Campbell and Wilhelmina McWhorter. Keegan fearlessly explores the eerie and enchanting aspects of life through his creations, inviting you to witness his creations, inviting you to witness his vulnerability and embrace the beauty of the unconventional.
Drink in Wilhelmina's impressionistic and luminous brushstrokes masterfully depicting the interplay of light and shadow, drawing inspiration from her late father's art lessons and infusing her pieces with transformative energy.
Together, their remarkable talent transports you into a world where vulnerability meets vibrant beauty, where art becomes a powerful catalyst for introspection and appreciation.
Don't miss this unparalleled opportunity to experience the captivating fusion of Keegan Campbell and Wilhelmina McWhorter at our exclusive gallery celebration.
Gala Celebration - August 12th from 4-6pm
Gallery also available for perusing during Arts Center hours from August 7th - September 30th.

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