10 MASSIVE WV treats you’ll want to split!

West Virginia is known for its breathtaking views – and we aren’t just talking about the scenic ones! Pack your appetite and bring your friends to enjoy some of West Virginia’s biggest treats.

While all the entrees are available to share, many restaurants challenge patrons to try to complete the monster servings on their own. Do you have what it takes?

1. The “BEAST”

Skybox Sports Bar– Hollywood Casino at Charles Town, WV  

A 2-pound all-beef burger with all the toppings, featuring a half-pound of smokehouse bacon, a full head of lettuce and a pound of fries. Consume the Beast in 1 hour and get the burger free, along with a T-shirt and your mug on the Wall of Fame.

2.  The Challenge

Rock N Rowdy’s– Moundsville, WV

Known around town as “The Challenge,” this massive hoagie contains 4 pounds of Black Angus sirloin steak with all the topping with 2 pounds of fries on the side. Customers who eat the entire meal win a T-shirt and ultimate bragging rights. Thus far, only 1 customer has managed to eat the entire meal. Will you be the next? The Challenge also makes a great family order!  

3. Burrito Azteca

Azteca Mexican Restaurant– New Martinsville, WV

The Burrito Azteca is a 1-foot-long burrito stuffed with rice, beans, sour cream, pico de gallo, steak AND chicken, covered in cheese sauce. Customers who finish the burrito get their photo on the Wall of Fame. Customers who finish TWO get their meal free– but be warned, only 3 people have made it that far!

4. The Beast

Fat Angelo’s Pizzeria – Morgantown, WV

One of Morgantown’s favorite restaurants, Fat Angelo’s Pizzeria is the place to satisfy even the hungriest of college students. Bring the whole gang to enjoy 60 inches of Fat Angelo’s homemade dough, signature sauce and mountains of mozzarella cheese cut into 48-to-50 slices.

5. He-Man Breakfast

The Poky Dot – Fairmont, WV

Brought out on a fresh garbage can lid, this massive meal includes 4 eggs, 4 pancakes, bacon, sausage, biscuits and gravy, ham, fried potatoes and toast. Customers who eat the entire meal in less than 60 minutes get a free T-shirt.

6.  Morgan’s Challenge (Giant Ice Cream Sundae)

Morgan’s High St Diner— Morgantown, WV

15 scoops of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice cream piled high on a Belgian waffle and covered in chocolate, caramel, and strawberry syrup, whipped cream, fruits and cherries. Diners who singlehandedly finish in 10 minutes or less get the sundae and a T-shirt free.

7. Coliseum Calzone

PeppeBroni’s Pizza— Morgantown, WV  

A Morgantown favorite is PeppeBroni’s Pizza and their Coliseum Calzone. This 18-inch-diameter calzone is stuffed with meats, cheeses and vegetables, all weighing in at a whopping 10 pounds! Grab a friend and try to win the Team Challenge: devouring the whole thing in 90 minutes or less. Winners get their meal free, along with a Wall of Fame photo and T-shirts.

8. Mile High Soft Serve Cones

The Dairy Creme Corner— Fairmont, WV

The large cone has 9 rings, a medium has 7 and a small has 5. The Dairy Creme Corner also offers a “baby” size for diners who aren’t quite ready to take on the tower. Customers are amazed watching workers construct this architectural wonder, but the real trick is trying to eat the whole thing before it melts!

9. Bridgeport Brownie

Ye Olde Alpha— Wheeling, WV

Ye Olde Alpha’s signature dessert is their famous Bridgeport Brownie! Served with 2 eating utensils, you might need a to-go box for this warm double-chocolate brownie topped with vanilla bean ice cream, hot fudge, caramel and whipped cream!

10. Homewrecker and Widowmaker  Hot Dogs

Hillbilly Hot Dogs– Lesage, WV

Last, but certainly not least, billed as “15 inches of pure eatin’ pleasure,” the Homewrecker hot dog comes with jalapeños, sautéed peppers and onions, nacho cheese, habanero chili sauce, mustard, slaw, lettuce, tomato and shredded cheese. For folks who just aren’t satisfied with the Homewrecker, Hillbilly Hot Dogs has introduced the “Widowmaker.” Same fixings as the Homewrecker, except on a 4.5 lb., 24-inch hot dog served on a turkey platter. Visitors who finish the Homewrecker in less than 12 minutes get a free T-shirt, and those who beat the Homemaker’s current record (2 minutes, 31 seconds) get the hot dog free!

Have you mastered one of these massive treats? Let us know which one you are dying to try! 

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This post was last updated on July 21, 2020