WV’s trophy walleye fishing hotspot

This lake is home to some trophy-sized walleye, but catching these fish isn’t always easy.

Situated in the middle of the North Branch Potomac River, this 952-acre lake has been regularly stocked with walleye since 1983, making it a favorite spot for anglers looking to catch some walleye.

If you’re looking to limit out and catch as many walleyes as possible, Jennings Randolph Lake isn’t the place to do it. But, if you have the patience to wait for a big one to bite, this is where you need to be.

Finding the walleye, which generally grow to about 31 inches long, proves to be a challenge at Jennings Randolph Lake. No one is quite sure why this is the case, but if you spend enough time out here, you’re sure to find one of the hot spots where these fish like to gather.

So while the lake is regularly stocked from February to May, don’t expect to hit the catch limit. But when you are finally able to hook one of these big boys, you’re in for a fun, challenging fight, and a great fish tale.

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This post was last updated on July 17, 2020