WV Themed Crafts to do With Your Kids: Cardinal Planter

Spring is finally here. While there may still be some frost on the ground, you can still get a head start on planting your garden and celebrate the state bird by making this fun cardinal planter with your kids.


  • 1 Red Disposable Plastic Cup
  • Screwdriver
  • Tape
  • Glue (Not Pictured)
  • Scissors
  • Seeds
  • 1 Black Marker
  • 1 Pen/ Pencil
  • 2 Pieces of Construction Paper
  • 2 Googly Eyes (Not Pictured)
  • Dirt (Not Pictured)
  • Several Small Rocks (Not Pictured)


1. Turn the cup over and use the screwdriver to poke a hole into the bottom of the cup for drainage.

2. Fold construction paper in half and draw wings and a tail.

3. Cut them out.

4. Fold other piece of construction paper in half and draw a triangle on folded edge.

5. Cut it out.

6. Take the black marker and draw the cardinal’s black facial marking.

7. Glue googly eyes on.

8. Glue or tape on the mouth, wings, and tail.

9. Let the glue dry.

10. the rocks on the bottom for drainage.

11. Put dirt on top.

12. Plant seeds.

13. Put your new planter in the windowsill and enjoy.

This post was last updated on April 7, 2020