All WV kiddos probably remember this summer favorite

Remember when you were young and your parents took you for a day to Camden Park?

Camden Park has entertained families for more than 100 years, from the nostalgia of the carousel to the thrill of the Big Dipper. Relive a little piece of your childhood!Roller coaster, Camden Park, West Virginia

This small 26-acre amusement park in Huntington began as a picnic area at the end of the Camden Interstate Railway Company in 1902, and slowly grew into an amusement park. While it has some newer attractions like the Rattler and Slingshot, there are some old-fashioned rides that can only be found in a handful of places.

The American Coaster Enthusiasts (ACE) maintains a list of “ACE Classic Coaster Awards”— coasters that still provide the traditional experience of the golden age of roller coasters. Out of only 34 ACE Classics that still exist, Camden Park has 2: The Big Dipper and Lil’ Dipper!Historic wooden roller coaster, Camden Park, West Virginia

The Haunted House is a family favorite— but it’s got a secret! While this may appear to be a traditional haunted house ride, it’s actually a roller coaster in disguise. A chain pulls your car to the top, and gravity does the rest. In fact, this is one of only 2 remaining “gravity-fed” dark rides in the world.

The Whip was built at Coney Island. In fact, you can still find a “Coney Island” plaque on each car. This has been a staple at the park for years, and not only is it one of only a handful still in existence, it’s said to be one of the best. The ride looks tame enough, but once you’ve ridden it, you’ll quickly learn why they call it “The Whip.”Rides at Camden Park, West Virginia

The Carousel, which was built in 1903, was the first ride at the park and has been in operation ever since. It’s a favorite for children and adults alike.

These are just a few of many unique rides and attractions at Camden Park. Visit to relive your childhood, or take your family and create all new memories. Just look for the world-famous sign, and we’ll save a seat on the Big Dipper for ya.

How long has it been since you visited Camden Park?

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This post was last updated on March 16, 2022