5 Dos and 5 Don’ts of Whitewater Rafting

Rafting is an unforgettable experience the whole family can enjoy, even young ones. These 10 guidelines will help you as you get ready to have a fun adventure on the river.

DO – Eat a Hearty Breakfast

You know what they say: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Before spending the day on the river, be sure to fuel up with protein-rich food. This will help you be energized to paddle through all the raging rapids your boat encounters.

DO – Bring Water-Resistant Sunscreen

Apply before taking off on your journey and intermittently throughout the day. Your skin will be getting a whole day’s worth of direct sun exposure with minimal to no shade. Using waterproof sunscreen will ensure that you will be protected through splashes from the river and swimming.

DO – Listen and Ask Questions

Rafting outfitters will provide a short training session prior to rafting. It’s important for your safety to listen closely to the instructions given during the instruction. If you have confusion about anything later on in the day, the professional river guide in your boat will be happy to clear it up with you.

DO – Hold the Paddle Properly

Believe it or not, overlooking this step can lead to serious injuries. One hand should be on the base of the paddle, while the other hand covers the “T” grip. Having a firm grasp on the “T” grip will keep the paddle secure.

DO – Hydrate

Though rafting is a fun adventure, you’ll be exerting effort and you will work up a sweat. That combined with the sun beaming down on you can cause serious dehydration. The outfitter should

There are some things that might seem like common sense but should be prefaced before taking your rafting trip.

DON’T – Go Far Out of Your Comfort Zone

West Virginia whitewater ranges from Class II to Class V rapids. If you’ve never been before and aren’t sure you’ll be able to keep your cool on rougher waters, go with milder waters. It will be a more enjoyable affair if you don’t feel anxious or worried.

DON’T – Bring Anything You Would Mind Losing

Things such as expensive jewelry or watches, cell phones and car keys are items that ought to be left behind. There’s always a possibility of your boat flipping over or hitting unexpected bumps. In order to make sure you have the absolute best whitewater rafting experience, play it on the safe side.

DON’T – Jump Out of the Boat

Unless instructed by your guide, haphazardly jumping out of the boat is dangerous. Guides know the layout of the river better than anyone else. They will know when the water is clear of rocks and rapids. Trust what they say, they are the experts.

DON’T – Worry

Knowing the dos and don’ts of whitewater rafting will make your time on the river that much more enjoyable. Follow the outfitter’s rules, listen to your guide and encounter Almost Heaven in a whole new way. And, have a great time!

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This post was last updated on March 2, 2022