Plan Your West Virginia Coffee Shop Roadtrip

No matter where you roam throughout this beautiful state, there’s always a local place to caffeinate! Travel along our country roads and you’re guaranteed to experience exceptional vista views like no other. Choose your own path, discover your own destination. Hand-crafted coffee can be found in every single one of our travel regions here, in the Mountain State.

Mountaineer Roasting Co.

Mountaineer Country: Morgantown

When in Morgantown, the heart of Mountaineer Country, you’ll want to be sure to have Mountaineer Roasting Company on your list. Originally founded in 2017 on the grounds of West Virginia University, this brand recently upgraded from solely being a wholesale roaster for local shops to opening a storefront of its own. From pour-overs and Americanos to lattes, hot or cold, this spot has become a top favorite among students and residents alike. Select hours even provide the options of sandwiches, salads, acai bowls and more.


Potomac Highlands: Thomas

Fuel yourself for a hike in the Potomac Highlands or wind down afterward, with a visit to TipTop. Found in the towns of both Thomas and Elkins, this shop serves up masterfully roasted coffee in cups and cans along with baked goods, fine wines, tasty teas, and bean-to-bar chocolates. Above the Thomas location can be found a newly constructed, luxury Airbnb if you’d like to extend your visit into a stay.

Stoked Coffee

Mid-Ohio Valley: Parkersburg

Stoked Coffee in the Mid-Ohio Valley makes custom-made coffee from the top 5% of coffee beans from around the world. Get yourself a cup of coffee derived from Africa, Indonesia, Central America and South America right here in Parkersburg, WV. The flavor is said to be full-bodied yet smooth, nutty and chocolaty. Along with the long line of espresso drinks, there are also other beverage options including milkshakes, smoothies, hot chocolate and tea.

The Market Cafe

Northern Panhandle: Wheeling

The Northern Panhandle provides another must-stop-at shop along your coffee road trip. The Market Cafe in Wheeling offers festive twists on beloved favorites, such as Lucky Charms and Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg frappes. But don’t fret if you like to keep it simple, there are traditional mochas, cappuccinos and coffee for you. Breakfast is served all day and includes waffles, sandwiches and even breakfast pizza.

The Wild Bean

New River-Greenbrier Valley: Lewisburg

The Wild Bean resides in Lewisburg, within the New River-Greenbrier Valley. This place has the warmth, comfort and hospitality of a local diner while also incorporating the vibe of a new and hip urban coffee shop. This shop specializes in coffee, espresso, baked goods, live music and vegetarian fare. The atmosphere provides a great place to peacefully work by yourself as well as engage in games and conversations with friends.

Stone Tower Brews

Mountain Lakes: Buckhannon

The Mountain Lakes region is home to Stone Tower Brews, a shop in Buckhannon that truly has it all. Beyond brewing beer and making delicious food, this shop believes in good coffee above all and just because of that, they roast their very own. From country-based blends to seasonal specials, there’s been lots of research done behind the scenes to provide customers with the best cup of coffee possible. Try a freshly roasted cold brew, double shot, a featured creation or make one of your own.

Battle Grounds Bakery & Coffee

Eastern Panhandle: Harper’s Ferry

Venture up to the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia, an area overflowing with a rich history. After exploring Harper’s Ferry and John Brown’s Fort, check out Battle Grounds Bakery & Coffee for some amazing treats. Have your pick between a specialty flavored latte such as Almond Joy and Banana Split or keep it simple with an original cup of joe. Either way, you can pair your caffeine fix with a fresh salad or sandwich.

Daily Dose Cafe

Metro Valley: Charleston

Visit the Daily Dose Cafe in the Metro Valley and get just yourself just that. Nestled within the state’s capital lives this shop with everything from breakfast coffee and cinnamon rolls to dinners made of hefty flatbreads and freshly squeezed lemonade. The coffee is served from open to close with macchiatos, americanos, frappes, lattes and the house-made brew. Add an extra health boost with an add-in organic spin, plant-based milk or flavored protein.

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This post was last updated on July 31, 2023