Up Your Road Trip Game with these 4 Tips

Looking to prepare for the greatest road trip of your life? You’ve come to the right place. Along the rolling hills of West Virginia, you are sure to find more than breathtaking views–unforgettable memories are a guarantee.

As with any journey, preparation is key to ensuring a trip to remember along our country roads. When you embark on your adventure in Almost Heaven, employ these 4 tips to make your trip even smoother sailing.

1. Pick a Playlist

Nothing complements a car full of friends and scenic country roads better than the best of tunes. There’s just something about finding the perfect soundtrack to play during the greatest adventures. Check out our favorite West Virginia road trip playlist for some inspiration.

Country Roads Tip: Want to take things up a notch and put a personalized spin on your tracks? Before you hit the road ask everyone in your road trip crew to add a few songs to a playlist that remind them of Almost Heaven. As you embark on your journey, enjoy the picks of your friends and make a game out of guessing who picked each tune.

2. Stop For Must-See

Almost Heaven’s country roads will take you through breathtaking mountain landscapes, exciting historic landmarks and lively small towns. Soak up all the magic that West Virginia has to offer by taking time to stop for these must-sees, such as one-of-a-kind attractions, breathtaking overlooks and picture-perfect moments.

Country Roads Tip: Cathedral Falls is a perfect example of a roadside stop that you must make if you’re on your way to the New River Gorge National Park & Preserve. Formed by a small tributary to the New River that plunges over sandstone and shale cliffs, these delicate falls trickle downward, creating stunning falls that you can get right up beside.

3. Eat Local to Find Flavor

While you’re in Almost Heaven, immerse yourself in West Virginia flavor by eating at as many local and hole-in-the-wall restaurants as you can. In these discrete shops, you’ll find amazing flavor, one-of-a-kind dishes and the most friendly service around. So, go ahead and prepare yourself for delicious dining options amidst good views and good friends.

Country Roads Tip: If a foodie escape is on your mind, the perfect long weekend adventure awaits. Explore this must try dining drive through Almost Heaven flavor!

4. Keep Your Vacation Guide Handy

Want to add an extra day to adventure? Did you stop in a town that you don’t know much about? No need to worry, our special edition 2021 Country Roads Vacation Guide provides information about each of our nine regions. With your travel guide in hand, you’ll discover what to do and where to go.

Country Roads Tip: Take your 2021 Vacation Guide on the road with you and see how many photos you can recreate on your own travels! With everything from iconic waterfall shots to extreme adventure captures, you can keep busy with this game as you check off each location.

Now that you are ready to start up the car and head out on your way–don’t forget to pick your route! Explore some of our favorite road trips below before you hit the country roads.

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This post was last updated on February 23, 2022