Twin Falls Resort State Park – Hiking


Twin Falls Resort State Park has almost 28 miles of rugged, scenic trails for hikers of all levels.


Difficulty: 3
Most of the trails are tricky and technical—very rocky and full of roots, oftentimes with long, steady ascents, or steep, quick descents.

Time to Complete: 1 Hour
Trails range from .25 mile to 4 miles, and will take you anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour or so to complete. It’s also possible to connect trails for more mileage (and time).

Distance: 27.5 Miles
There are 13 trails, ranging from .25 mile to 4 miles.

Seasonality: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Water levels are low during the summer, so the waterfall flow is the best in the spring, late fall, and winter.

Land Website: Twin Falls Resort State Park


Destination Highlights: Quick Workout, Most of a Day, Good for Beginners, Good for Experts, Waterfalls, Panoramic Views

Hiking at Twin Falls is a great day trip for any hiker, beginner or expert. The waterfalls are spectacular, and there are plenty of panoramic views.


Twin Falls State Park has nearly 28 miles of trails spread across diverse terrain. Cliffside overlooks into wooded valleys, spectacular waterfall views, and close proximity to historic areas make this remote park worth your time. There are 13 trails to choose from, so you can pick a route that is suited to your ability and sightseeing desires. Pick a short, steep route through a variety of habitats, a more strenuous ridgeline hike, or a moderate route to the falls. There is truly something for everyone here.

What makes it great

With its cascading waterfalls and beautiful wooded mountain ridges, the park’s views are hard to beat. If you want to explore the 2 waterfalls that give the park its name, The Falls Trail is a must. It begins on a wide, paved walkway but turns into rugged singletrack full of exposed root beds and rocks, surrounded on both sides by thick groves of rhododendron. When the asphalt path ends, take a small connector trail to your right and you will see the first waterfall below. Continue along the rocky path and you will soon hear the sounds of rushing water again. A small, steep, path on your right will take you down to the second waterfall. This path is rugged, so be careful. The trail is a 1.75-mile loop, and the pathway back to the parking area is wide and flat.

For another trail with great views, take the 3.5-mile Cliffside Trail, where you will walk along the top of a mountain ridge. Peer over the side and you will feel like you are walking in the clouds, since the edge drops off hundreds of feet. This trail has 2 sweeping overlooks of the rolling hills and valleys of rural Wyoming County.

For history buffs, make sure to check out the short Huckleberry Trail, which begins along a clear ridgeline and passes alongside the park’s original pioneer homestead and a historic cemetery. This trail is 1.3 miles roundtrip.

Who is going to love it

Intermediate to experienced hikers who love waterfalls, creeks, and history will all love Twin Falls Resort State Park. Most of the trails are pretty rocky and challenging for beginners, while others are wide paths of grass and hard-packed dirt, but have significant climbs up switchbacks and along steep ridges.

Directions, parking, and regulations

To reach Twin Falls State Park, take Exit 42 on I-64/I-77 at Mabscott and continue straight until the road splits. Take the right ramp that leads to Mullens, which is Route 54 South. Brown “State Park” signs will direct you for the rest of the way. The park is 26 miles off Exit 42.


This post was last updated on July 28, 2020