7 country trends for your mountain “I do’s”

Trace the roots of the rustic country wedding trend back to its inspiration: the Mountain State.

Of course couples are drawn to Appalachian heritage! It’s charming, humble and real— just like love should be.

Give your “I do’s” some country class! Here are some of the best country trends, straight from right here in West Virginia:

1. Mason jar lanterns

We know— this one’s all over your Pinterest boards! Mason jars are a staple centerpiece, and really a must. They add an unassuming touch of mountain simplicity. But most importantly, their warm glow lets your love and loved ones shine in photos.

You can DIY the project with some burlap, and add a true touch of country charm with mix-and-match vintage jars, which you can find in Mountain State antique shops.

2. Barn backdrops

It’s so simple it almost seems crazy! But an old barn creates a charming setting without much work (although some of those mason jar lanterns wouldn’t hurt!)

The classic red color and high ceilings of Valley View Farm add a quaint touch, or the simple rustic structure against the vast wilderness at The Confluence creates a lovely contrast.

3. Stars. All the stars.

Forget the fancy ballroom. There’s no architect more profound than Mother Nature herself. Plan an outdoor wedding near the peaceful Monongahela National Forest for the East Coast’s clearest starry skies.

4. Guest quilts

When you got married in the olden days of Appalachia, the community stitched you a wedding quilt so you had a head start on a collection for your new new family. Keep the tradition alive and have guests sign or decorate your quilt patches. It’s a unique sentimental memento and a cozy treat to curl up with together!

Find inspiration or pick up a real handcrafted quilt from specialty shops like Sew Chic. Even learn to make your own with classes from the Pine Tree Quilt Shop or Woolen Willow.

5. Rolling scenery

Nothing sets off your gown like a jaw-dropping background that frames every photos with elegance. For the most stunning scenery, head to a mountaintop!

The river below Pendleton Point seems to draw a line straight through the mountains to you and your sweetheart. At Snowshoe Mountain, the sun flooding over the valleys below creates a truly dramatic setting.

6. WV wildflowers

Add a fresh, authentic (and fragrant!) touch to your big day with budding beauty. From fiery wild orchids to delicate yellow daisies, arrange decorations that are simple, but make a big statement. (We’re pretty fond of the rhododendron.)

Florists like Wiseman’s Floral or West End Floral can craft live or soft silk arrangements to accent any occasion.

7. Mountain flavor

You don’t have to stick to the same old timeless staples to please your guests; if you whip them up some upscale country cookin’, trust us, there won’t be leftovers. Several of West Virginia’s 101 Unique Places to Dine cater or have pickup, so you can find yourself a fine feast anywhere you choose to tie the knot.

Don’t forget the cake! Pick up garnished gourmet treats from pastry chefs like the crew at Fruits of Labor Bakery, where they harvest their own berries. How’s that for a home-grown touch?

How will you add country charm to your WV wedding?

This post was last updated on July 20, 2020