This Group is Approaching 60 Years of Tradition at Oglebay Resort

For 90 years now, beautiful Oglebay Resort in Wheeling has been welcoming guests with generous hospitality. Thanks to the resorts gorgeous property, amenities, lodging and unparalleled hospitality generations of families, groups and individuals have continued to make a trip to Oglebay part of their traditions.

One such group that has made a golf trip to Oglebay a tradition is the Oglebay Knights, a group of 24 players that has made a yearly trip to Oglebay for 59 years now. The group got its start in 1960 when it had just three members. As their numbers grew and changed so did their traditions. They first stayed in the resorts historic Wilson Lodge but then started staying in the resort’s cozy cabins. In fact, the winning cabin even gets to proudly display a “Cabin Flag” outside to celebrate their victory the year prior. This tradition is so treasured that the Oglebay Knights have reserved their cabins and tee times thru 2023.

No matter the reason, a trip to Oglebay Resort is always a great idea. From relaxing massages at The West Spa to experiencing Oglebay’s Aerial Challenge Course. The memories you make here will soon become yearly traditions you’ll treasure forever just like the Oglebay Knights.

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This post was last updated on March 17, 2022