Featured 5

  1. Travel the windy country roads along the state’s most notorious scenic drive, the Highland Scenic Highway. Spanning from Summersville to Minnehaha Springs, you’ll dive deep into the Monongahela National Forest past untouched natural landscapes and some of the state’s best mountain ridges.
  2. This 28-mile narrow paved and gravel Williams River trek will take you through the heart of Pocahontas County for breathtaking mountain and river views.
  3. Ride the High Five and see some of West Virginia’s best mountain views and valleys from Smoke Hole Canyon to the Spruce Knob, the highest point in the state.
  4. See several iconic state attractions along Route 219, which spans the length of the state’s Allegheny Mountain Range.
  5. Get way off the beaten path at Rich Mountain for this twisting gravel roadway, a relic of a more slow-paced 19th century travel. Vast history and beauty reward anyone willing to brave the rugged path.