Foot Golf

Mountain views mixed with adventure. What could be better? Bring the whole family to one of West Virginia’s gorgeous courses and enjoy a round of foot golf!

Foot golf is a new and modern spin on the traditional golf game. The game can be played individually or in groups (bonus points if you can throw together a game of four players). The game combines the best attributes of both soccer and golf. Here, you play with a soccer ball but are subject to the rules of golf. The player with the fewest kicks, wins!

Want to give it a try? Explore one of our up and coming foot golf outfitters.

Opened August 1, 2015, Chips Shots is America’s first dedicated FootGolf links. Chip Shots is co-owned by Tim and Paula Worden. Here, the family created a course on a portion of Paula’s family farm. The farm, that has been in Paula’s family since the late 1860’s, is now continuing its legacy with the addition of these modern activities.

Players can also try their luck at Oglebay Resort. Open 7 days a week, visitors can try a game on the 9 hole foot golf course. You can either bring your own soccer ball or rent one at the clubhouse. The resort’s family-friendly atmosphere and mix of dining and accommodations round out the experience to be one found only in Almost Heaven.

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