These 4 places serve West Virginia’s best moonshine

West Virginia is said to be one of the birthplaces of moonshine. Also referred to as mountain dew or white lighting, moonshine is a high proof distilled liquor that was once created illicitly, without government authorization, but has since been legalized and commercialized to the public. If you are looking to purchase some pure West Virginia moonshine, make sure to check out these authentic West Virginia distilleries:

1. Appalachian Distillery

Ripley is home to the Appalachian Distillery. Their moonshine made with local grains and bottled with certified arsenic free U.S. bottles comes in 11 different flavors for you to choose from. Visitors that are 21 and older of this distillery are offered free moonshine tasting. Tours are also available for purchase but, free to those who purchase merchandise.

2. Black Draft Distillery

Located in Martinsburg Black Draft Distillery is home to three different kinds of moonshine. Owners Glen and Tara Price made it their mission to create their alcohols using all natural ingredients. Their First Harvest Moonshine is made with locally grown, non GMO corn, allowing drinkers to get a true taste of West Virginia. Other flavors include Rise and Shine coffee moonshine which is made with Black Dog Coffee, a West Virginia roaster, and White Julep moonshine, which is the perfect addition to any summer cocktail.

3. Hatfield & McCoy Moonshine Distillery

Looking for moonshine in southern West Virginia?  You can find the Hatfield & McCoy Moonshine Distillery in Gilbert. This drink of the devil 90-proof moonshine is handmade, bottled, and labeled on site. If you are interested in the moonshine making process, this distillery also offers behind-the-scenes tours!

4. Isaiah Morgan Distillery

Moonshine goes by a different name at this distillery. Located in Summersville, WV Isaiah Morgan’s Southern Moon corn liquor was the first of its kind to be available to purchase on-site. Although the business obtained the license for the nation’s smallest still in 2002, tourists were not able to purchase the alcohol on-site. This led owner Rodney Facemire to team up with government and business leaders to create his vision of mini-distilleries which created a new industry for the state.

This post was last updated on March 17, 2022