There’s nothing sweeter than local West Virginia honey

There is no shortage of local honey here in West Virginia! Not only is honey a sweet treat, it also is used for healing and rejuvenation when left in its natural state. Keep reading for more information about the best places to find honey in West Virginia, and how you can celebrate it!

Where to Find It

Mountain State Honey Company: Nestled in the mountains of Tucker County, Mountain State Honey Company is home to 2,200 hives of honey bees. Choose from three different flavors of the sweet stuff: Tulip Poplar, Dandelion or Wildflower! Mountain State Honey also allows you to choose what form you want your honey in, options include, plastic jars, glass jars, creamed honey (spreadable), chunk honey or just plain honeycombs. Mountain State Honey products are available in over 25 stores across the state!

Healthberry Farm : Located in the Potomac Highlands region, Healthberry Farm offers a wide variety of honey products, with flavors including Tulip Popular, Brasswood, Black Locust and Golden Rod. Healthberry Farm is unique in that they also produce a line of honey beverages: Meads, a drink made from honey and water, and Melomel, a wine created with honey and fruit! Bee sure to try these unique honey products today.

Thistle Dew Farms: Located about 40 miles south of Wheeling, Thistle Dew Farms is home to 700 beehives! Choose from many bee related products including beeswax candles, beeswax skin and lip cream, honey mustard and regular honey. Of all their products, Kilian’s Gold Honey is a must try! Kilian’s Honey is unique in that it is created from bees in the mountains and valleys of the Potomac Highlands near Seneca Rocks. The flowers, berries, and trees the bees visit offer a unique taste due to their high elevation.

Frostmore Farms: Nestled in the heart of Pocahontas County, Frostmore Farms is the perfect place to find some local honey! While most famously known for their maple products, Frostmore farms also produces honey. Pro Tip: Be sure to stock up on your favorite honey products when they are available, honey is usually only available in the fall!

Celebrating Honey

Beckley’s Annual Honey Festival: Taking place Saturday Aug. 18, from 9-4, head to Beckley to immerse yourself in everything honey! From learning how to raise bees to live honey bee demonstrations, you will leave this festival as a bee expert. Other events to enjoy include local honey tastings, bee crafts, and live musical performances. You will not want to miss this sweet themed festival!

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This post was last updated on March 17, 2022