4th Annual Veterans & Community Heroes Appreciation Day

In an effort to strengthen Boy Scouts’ Duty to Country, the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) is teaming up with The West Virginia National Guard to sponsor the 4th Annual Veterans and Community Heroes Appreciation Day. The event is designed in festival style with open program activities, exhibitors, food vendors, and live music. Live Music Bands will be playing throughout the day! Cross Town Traffic from Elkins, WV Others TBA Demonstrations BMX Archery Skateboard Action Sports Canopy Tours Climbing/Rappelling Zip Lines (Accessible Zip Line available) Shooting Sports BMX Mountain Biking Skateboarding Visitor Venues Kids Zone - (Slide, Bounce House, etc.) Sustainability Treehouse Scott Visitor Center Nature Boardwalk Exhibitor Area Food Vendors Dem 2 Brothers & A Grill M.A.D. Concessions Others TBA Passes Hero Pass (includes immediate family) Includes Summit Action Passes for US Service Member\Law Enforcement\First Responder and their immediate family, access to Visitor Venues, and Live Music. Summit Action Pass Adults and youth 11 years and older. Includes all Action Sports, Visitor Venues, and Live Music. Participants should be in good physical condition and free from medical issues that may be aggravated by high impact sports. All canopy tour, zipline and challenge course participants must meet the manufacturers weight guidelines to participate (50lb minimum / 250lb maximum). Jr. Summit Action Pass Youth ages 6-10. Includes all Action Sports for which qualified by age, strength and /or maturity, Visitor Venues, and Live Music. ages 6+: skateboarding, BMX, shooting sports, climbing; ages 9+: all activities listed previously plus ziplines, rappelling. Please note that participants must be able to fit the equipment, including safety gear provided. Please note that children must be accompanied by an adult. Summit Visitor Pass Includes all Visitor Venues, Demonstrations, and Live Music. Please note that all visitor activities take place in the Scott Summit Center and do NOT include the Adventure Sports venues located in the Summit's Adventure Zone. All participants must present (or sign at entry) the Summit Risk Acknowledgment and Waiver. Because many activities are high intensity and high impact, we reserve the right to refuse service to individuals who in our judgment cannot meet safety guidelines, properly wear safety equipment or who refuse to follow safety protocols. Schedule 12pm - Gates Open for Participants 12pm - Activities Open 1pm - Live Music 2:30pm - BMX Demo 3pm - Live Music 3:30pm - Archery Demo 4:30pm - Skateboard Demo 5pm - Activities Close 5:30pm - Closing Show: Live Music