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12 Habits for Wonderful People is a year-round community-wide endeavor of adults to support our children and youth by sharing 12 monthly qualities of living with them that are simple, colorful and make life wonderful. Our mission: By coordinating visual displays of the monthly qualities in our schools, stores, places of worship and family agencies, and speaking and internet-posting them more often as reminders, we are adults, creating a caring community around our children, where they feel more integrated rather than alienated from us all. Our "WP" Ambassador TEAMS include Ambassador Recruitment, Community Relations, Electronic Media, Planning Creative Special Events, Planning and Creating Monthly Materials, Materials Distribution Team, School Team, Health and Civic Agencies, Government & Law, Places of Worship, Merchants and Businesses, Involving Homes & the Community, Targeting Drug & Alcohol Abuse, Fundraising, Administrative and Technical & Bookkeeping. As you can see there is lots of work to be done but since it becomes a year-after year system of projects it becomes easier and easier to do just like doing holidays. This project was brought to West Virginia from Pennsylvania where over 15 years in 150 schools and communities, university based research showed dramatic reductions in poor choices by youth and families - and all while having colorful fun celebrating the monthly habits all together