Textural Contemporary Ballet

Professional Ballet in Wheeling! Enjoy a captivating performance by the Pittsburgh-based Texture Ballet Company. You don’t have to drive to the big city for quality, cultural experiences. See professional ballet in Wheeling! Oglebay Institute is proud to host this amazing performance. Texture presents authentic and dynamic movement based in classical ballet. Performances are both unique and inviting. These passionate dancers break through preconceived notions of ballet. Watch their graceful and powerful movements. You’ll admire their gravity-defying leaps and spins, too. As you watch the performance, the music and the stories come to life onstage right before your eyes. Most importantly, the dancers express emotion with their bodies in ways that words cannot. You’ll be amazed. $15 per person. Purchase tickets online or call 304-242-7700. Teaching the Art of Dance… Oglebay Institute recognizes the importance of creative expression through movement and music. Dance, in all forms, has been a vibrant part of Institute’s programming for more than eight decades. Oglebay Institute’s School of Dance not only presents dance as an art form and a means of self-expression but also as social interaction for all ages. From novice dancers to returning professionals, our students immerse themselves in the art of dance at Oglebay Institute.