Watoga State Park – July 30 – BIRDS OF PREY

Three Rivers Avian Center - Birds of Prey Program asks - "Who cooks for me, who cooks for you all?" What bird says this phrase? Come to this Birds of Prey Education Program featuring live birds of prey native to West Virginia. You'll learn about the habitat, diet and behavior of each bird presented, the most common causes of injury to each species and the laws protecting these special birds. A screech, horned and barn owl; a Bald eagle and other feathered friends are part of this special interpretative program. Open to the public and without charge to attend. 2:00 p.m. Meet Regis the Bald Eagle, Perry, the Peregrin Falcon, Hoolie, the Great Horned Owl and other feathered raptors. Free to attend. Great for family and all ages.

Watoga State Park – June 4 – NATIONAL TRAILS DAY

Walk the Honey Bee Trail - National Trails Day! Let's walk the Honey Bee Trail and celebrate National Trails Day! Meet in the Arboretum parking lot at Watoga State Park and begin our hike on the Northern loop of the Honey Bee Trail. We will start promptly at 10:00 am. Wear comfortable hiking shoes and appropriate clothing. Bring water and a snack. This will be a five mile hike. This hike can be used for the Watoga Nature Ranger activities, as a YPP activity, and for miles with a naturalist for the Chief's Challenge. Hike leader: Cheryle Boggs.

North Bend State Park – June 4 – KAYAK BASICS

Outdoor Weekend - Kayak Basics is a 2 hour excursion designed to introduce and improve basic flat water skills and enjoying the natural environment North Bend State Park has to offer from a different perspective. This quest includes safety information, balance and basic paddle strokes and all the required equipment. The program is at 6:00 p.m. The cost is $30 and includes all equipment and instruction. Meet at the Cokeley Campground Bathhouse. Registration in advance at the lodge front desk in person or by phone for this class/activity/program. Registration is open until June 5. North Bend State Park Rangers and Guides provide instruction on some of today's more popular outdoor recreation pursuits. During these weekends we are offering these lessons in an affordable group lesson format. Along with skill development we will also be offering environmental appreciation/education sessions. This is an Outdoors in Parks recommended activity. A Mountain Biking Basics is also available.

Cass Scenic RR State Park – July 9 – IRISH ROAD BOWLING

This Irish Road Bowling event is set in Pocahontas County, source of seven rivers in the highest mountains in West Virginia, Cass Scenic Railroad features a steam-powered logging train that climbs even higher than the town of Cass. Cass Scenic RR is a great mid-summer destination in cool mountains, and our bowling road is only a couple miles from the giant radio telescopes at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory at Greenbank, another can't miss for visitors. Irish Road Bowling will commence at 1:30 PM at Old Cass Road (County Rt. 7/1) at the bridge end of the road. Bowling will commence at Deer Creek Bridge area and end at approximately 1.3 miles at the Rt. 66/Old Cass Road entrance. Sign-up for this event will be on the event date, from 9:30 a.m. to Noon at the Cass Scenic Railroad State Park Visitors Center. Equipment (if you need it),and score cards will be available in the Visitor Center from 9:30 am to Noon the day of the event. If renting equipment, a $5 deposit is required. This is part of the WVIRBA schedule. More information on Irish Bowling can be found at

Cass Scenic RR State Park – June 25 – CASS LOGGING DAYS

Cass Logging Days is two days of train and logging history! June 25-26, 2016 Interpreter Rich Pawling dressed as a Wood Hick (one who fells trees for a livelihood) wearing bib overalls, a cut-off shirt and boots will be presenting the following program at Museum both days: What it Was Like to Work for the Company. Whether living and working in a logging camp up on the Cheat Mountain or spending a night in the Company town of Cass on Saturday to "blow'er in." Hear the interpretation of the past (logging railroads, camp life, transportation, laws and their enforcement, tragedies, etc.). Bring the kids to talk and interact with the wood hick and to learn more about life in Cass during the 1920's and 1930's! Learn more on Cass event page. Blacksmith Dennis Murray-- Demonstrating and discussing his work. Near the Leatherbark Ford Shop both days. History and Technology of the Cass Sawmill Presentation and Tour Gerald Futej Discussion and walking tour following at the Sawmill site. Contact: 304-456-4300 Ext 111 (Monica)