Green Bank Star Quest

Our 14th annual OPTICAL and RADIO astronomy "Star Party" July 19th - 22th, 2017 held at the Green Bank Observatory, Green Bank WV. We will have a distinguished keynote speakers EVERY evening, with presentations on the latest in optical &; radio astronomy. We will have a featured prominent speaker for the "Keynote Presentation" Saturday evening. Clinics and additional presentations held daily (indoors) on multiple subjects including Astrophotography. Solar and night-time observing at your campsite. Campground has graveled roads, sanitary stations and a HOT shower facility (close by). We Feature: a Large Raffle Drawing (the 2016 event had 84 prizes), Children's Activities, Cafeteria and Snack Bar, and Vendors on site. The 4-day registration fee is just $100. Limited bunkhouse accommodations for additional fee.

June Star Party – Capon Springs

Join Greg Redfern, NASA Solar system ambassador, for Tuesday evenings' exploring the cosmos with a presentation and sky viewing. Tuesday, June 12th “James Webb Space Telescope” (Timed to be dark skies with a new moon)

May Star Party – Capon Springs!

Join Greg Redfern, NASA Solar system ambassador, on Tuesday evenings' exploring the cosmos with a presentation and sky viewing. Tuesday Night, May 23, under a new moon! JWST-NASA’s Successor to Hubble Space Telescope (HST) “The 2018 space telescope successor to HST seen up close and personal with latest pics and info direct from NASA.”

Capon Springs Star Party

The all-inclusive overnight package includes your lodging, 3 meals and all recreation except for golf and spa. The complimentary astronomy program is provided by Greg Redfern, an adjunct professor/instructor of astronomy and a NASA JPL Solar System Ambassador. Come enjoy an interactive presentation about meteors as you examine actual samples from Mars, the moon and our solar system. Fresh off the summer Perseid showers, you will get a renewed sense of wonder and awe of the universe. A 45-minute discussion is followed by an exploration of the night sky.

Summer Star Parties at Capon Springs!

Nothing beats the chill of winter like planning a Capon summer vacation! Besides the usual daily outdoor adventures and evening events, starting July 10th we will feature several days and nights of "out of this world" programs... Here is your chance to explore our own galaxy, which seems not that far away when you use powerful telescopes! You might not find distant planets such as Takodana, Jakku or even Tatooine, but you will see constellations, clusters, nebulae and curiosities from our own solar system (including Saturn as it's brightest)! Evenings of star gazing will be combined with daily orientations about the night sky. Hosted by Shenandoah Astronomy Society president Dottie Edwards, these events are family-friendly for all ages. Tuesday evening will feature a NASA solar system ambassador talking about future explorations of the moon. Stay for as many nights as you would like! While the standard July and August vacation is still a week, during this special time period there are no minimum number of nights required.