CharCon is THE West Virginia Gaming Convention. For 2017 CharCon is moving to the Clay Center for the Arts & Sciences of West Virginia. The Clay Center is an awesome modern facility located in downtown Charleston WV. Hosting a great performance hall, an art museum, a science discovery center and much more, the Clay Center is a great facility and community partner. -A small sampling of activities -The Premier Board Game Tournament -Play to Win Board Games! -Board game library – Each year the Appalachian Gamers bring games to the convention for use by other attendees. There is also plenty of space for open gaming so bring your favorite game, find some players and get your game on! -RPGs – There will be a variety of RPGs at this year’s convention. We have game masters running D&D 4th Edition, Pathfinder, Confluence, mystery, Superhero events and many others. -Miniatures – Flames of War, Warhammer 40k, Warhammer Fantasy, Aerodrome, Sailpower, Kings of War and many more events will be available for play at this year’s convention. Change is always hard and this will be no exception. There will be adjustments and alterations, but when the dust settles, we are confident everyone will be happy with the results. We are thrilled with the opportunities and hope you are as well. Looking forward to seeing everyone there!!

CharCon Bonus Round: Roleplaying and SciFi Weekend

CharCon brings you bonus gaming with a weekend full of Role Playing! Pathfinder, Sparks, Confluence, Shadowrun and more. Not a roleplayer, but always wanted to try it out? This is your chance! Plus there will be many other things going on (sure to be some board and card games). Maybe even a Nero event! The event officially takes place on Saturday and Sunday, but there is plenty of space for folks to plan on playing games on Friday night as well. Book your room at the awesome Days Inn in Flatwoods for the full weekend experience!