2017 Ohio River Ferry Boat Festival On The Long Reach

*THIS YEAR’S FESTIVAL TAKES PLACE FROM JULY 28-30, FRIDAY, SATURDAY, AND SUNDAY! 2017 marks the 200th year that a ferryboat service has been operating out of either Fly, Ohio or Sistersville, West Virginia. In 2015, Monroe County, Ohio and Tyler County, West Virginia came together to celebrate this connection- now known as the Sistersville Ferry- with the first ever Ohio River Ferryboat Festival…. The event was an outstanding success and was built upon during the 2016 festival. The Ohio River Ferryboat Festival offers food, vendors and crafts, and entertainment along both ferryboat landings (Sistersville, WV and Fly, OH). For an affordable fee, visitors can take the ferryboat back and forth between states, winning prizes just for riding. This year’s festival is being planned for Friday, July 28, Saturday, July 29, and Sunday, July 30. Vendor setup is free. Entertainment is free. If you are interested in becoming a part of the Ohio River Ferryboat Festival, contact event coordinator Alex King (304-771-8835 or Listing Address: 33314 State Route 7 Fly, OH 43946 United States