Blue Moon Train Ride to Bald Knob

This happens only once in a Blue Moon! July 31 is the second full moon of the month and this Blue Moon trip to Bald Knob should be a memorable one! At an altitude of 4,843 feet (1,476 m) above sea level, Bald Knob is the second highest mountain in West Virginia and the Allegheny Mountains. Its lofty elevation (only 21 feet lower than the highest point in the Alleghenies, Spruce Knob) gives Bald Knob a unique Canadian-like ecosystem and offers magnificent views. On clear days, the Bald Knob overlook provides a beautiful view into two states, and on a clear night an awe-inspiring look at the heavens! Trip includes extended layover at the overlook. A moon pie and RC cola for all! 5.5 hour round trip event. Departs Cass Depot at 7:00 PM. 866-460-7265