“I Will Remember” B.E. Taylor Christmas

This December there will be a special concert celebration entitled, “I Will Remember, B.E. Taylor Christmas. This concert will honor the man “B.E. Taylor” who brought us a gift so special, a holiday tradition that fans from all over came to each and every year the “B.E. Taylor Christmas Concert.” B.E. sadly passed away last August from a brain tumor that he lived with for almost 10 years. You’d never know he was sick and throughout this 10-year period he continued to perform and live his life. A loving husband, father, friend, and exceptional talent had left us. For so many there was such a chill in the air during the silent nights of last December — an emptiness that could not fill the hearts of all those who came to love and attend the B.E. Taylor Christmas Concert each year. They sent messages of sadness, loss and that Christmas just didn’t seem the same without this show. Not having the show last year was a void for so many. This only signifies the magnitude of his talent, his character, and the magnificent show and music he created. B.E. Taylor’s Christmas music is in the category of Nat King Cole, Andy Williams, Bing Crosby, etc., generations have grown up on his unique arrangements of our favorite Christmas classics and his Christmas music will be listened to in homes during the holidays for years to come. He will be forever – “The Voice of Christmas.”