Slam Poetry with the Prosers at Towngate Theatre

What: Slam Poetry with The Prosers When: 8 p.m. Saturday, April 22, 2017 Cost: $5 Join us for an evening of slam poetry at Towngate Theatre! The Prosers, a group of local spoken-word artists, perform original, intensely emotional works. They share powerful stories of personal struggle and authentic experiences while examining social justice issues. Listen to a broad range of voices and styles. During the performances, singers, songwriters and musicians often join the poets on stage. Most of all, explore the connection between poetry, personal expression and civic engagement. You can discover and develop your own voice, too. An open mic session closes out the evening. Poets, new and experienced, shy and bold, bring their poems and read aloud to the audience. If you have something to say, the microphones and the ears are open at Towngate Theatre. Slam poetry has a special swagger… This isn’t your grandma’s poetry reading. Because the rules are not the same as traditional poetry, slam poetry has a special swagger. It is literary rap, impassioned commentary, uninhibited word art, poetry and improvisation all wrapped up in one package. And, it is written to be performed. Towngate Theatre is more than theater… Towngate’s Second Season enhances Wheeling’s arts landscape with literary programming, spoken word performances, improvisation and more. Programs often feature works by emerging and/or local authors, playwrights and poets.