Ghost Adventures

Want to see what it is REALLY like to spend the night in prison – but with no living residents?…..Book your Saturday night with us for Ghost Adventures! Enjoy an informative 90-minute guided tour, and then roam the halls on your own. You ARE REQUIRED to purchase Ghost Adventures tickets online Tickets are NOT sold at the door for this event. 11 p.m. - 6 a.m.; $65/person ages 18 and older.

Nightmare on the Gorge

Explore an abandoned resort and stir up some of the ghosts and creatures who hide in the shadows. Be careful as you move through the woods because you never know who... or what... is watching you... maybe some guests who checked into their cabins but never left? Strange things happen in the off-season around here and there are many stories about missing campers who just disappeared. Pay attention or else you might end up one of those stories!